February 15, 2012

first there was alice, my beloved nikon….

she died a swift, nonsensical, parts & defectives death.

poor alice.

next was tamara. tamara my obstinate camera. she’s fickle and temperate, and likes to hide in unknown pockets, purses and the floor of my prius.

we’re still working on our relationship, two years passed by.

we had a mediator, picnik.com

t’was a glorious symbiosis. but alas our conciliator has had enough, and is retiring.

i think this means i will leap into the land of photo-i-make-zero-sense-shop…..???

brain hurting already….

wednesday happy to you m’loves.

let’s take a moment of silence for picnik please.

  • There are other options! Google has a free program called Picasa. And then there's Adobe Lightroom, which I'll admit I still really haven't properly played around with. I'm working on learning more about my camera right now. It can do so much and I need to start taking advantage of that.

  • Oh man, yeah. photoshop can be a pain to try and get into after picnik, especially because I'm pretty sure whoever invented it didn't understand the concept of user-friendly, but with a bit of practice, it's amazing what you can do with it!

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