blue monday

February 20, 2012

of late i have been mildly obsessed with the color blue. cobalt, azure, sapphire, periwinkle; whatever the shade i seem to be a sucker.

here are a few of my favorite objet de bleu both coveted, tried, tested & true-{blue}.

this ysl beauty would rock any frock boss. i want it, and i veruca salt-want it now!

 i recently purchased these precious dolls in nude satin. i flutter ’round the studio like swan herself. their baby blue siblings should be arriving in the mail any day now.


 trouble sleeping? try a sprinkle of pillow potion before you fall asleep. a combination of essential oils designed to induce relaxation and sleep, these magic drops smell divine, and help lull me into slumber lovely.

 a gift from my girlfriend lex-the dame with a mega-watt smile, this brush cleaner is what all the makeup artists use. i am hooked.

long gone are the days of slopping up my bathroom with shampoo and suds. cinema secrets scents my brushes april fresh, and launders them anti-bacterial clean.

a blue monday-share to you m’loves.

  • I fell in love with some turquoise skinnies at American Eagle. Bought 'em Saturday, wore 'em Sunday, and I'll probably wear them again today. You're right, blue love is the truest.

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