today on, kitty mcbride, the designer & owner of the magical company, the divine chair, a “green” furniture company in its use of vintage frames, and a cutting edge design house with its mix of modern, unexpected fabrics, is offering some of her enchanting and delightful pieces up for sale.

scouring both her website and’s sale, here are some of my favorite pieces:

the belle.

that peacock, embroidered cotton against the glossy black frame sends my posture queen of england straight. i’d let them all eat cake fo’sure if i was sitting atop this beauty.

the “anastasia“.

shiny turquoise? coral damask? that’s a sandwich i’ll order again and again. in fact, i’ll order 10 of these sandwiches please…..10 around my dining room table.

the cassie. {i think i know a girl who would like this….}

again, there’s that turquoise again…and i’m such a sucker for polka dots…i’d sit in this chair wearing a poufy skirt, eating a cupcake of sprinkles and probably a headband…..hunkiest would have to leave the house in disgust from all the precious-ness.

the marcus.

kelly green-my most favorite color in the world. combine it with a 1930’s boudoir frame and a candy-striped, rainbow fabric; i’m 8 years old again squealing for joy!

the naomi.

lavender linen. really, must i continue?

oh, and it’s also a 1929 hand-carved walnut frame with white piping and an included matching ottoman.

suck it.

again, some of these beauties and many more, plus pillows are available for sale on you can also visit the divine chair’s website for re-upholstery and custom orders as well as rentals.

happy sitting m’loves.