crush of the cinegraph…

March 7, 2012

the cinegraph, an image where a tiny animated motion repeats, seems to be sweeping the internet nation, fueled in the fashion world by darling of the moment, blogger jamie beck of fromme to you.  i must admit i am a one of the many masses charmed by these beautiful, mysterious and sometimes creepy images.

i hope to some day learn how to make these mini, magical moments.

here are a handful of my favorites….

{remember, you have to give them a few seconds….sometimes more…to see the finished product.}

like i said….some are down right creepy…

wednesday happy to you m’loves.

  • it's the oreo's 100th bday today!! That one is my fav of all the cinegraphs above =)

  • The dolls! OMG! WAY creepy. But I do love cinegraphs — even if I think "Harry Potter" every. single. time.

  • How incredibly cool – thanks so much for introducing me to this. Funny how a slow flutter of a lace curtain is so ominous…

  • Love these–the rain falling on the canoe is beautiful! I actually think you can make these things via a gif–those kids on tumblr are doing it all the time and it’s been on my to-do list to figure it out. It’s mesmerizing!

    xo Mary Jo

  • love cinegraphs! must learn how to this! if you learn first…please teach me. ; )

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