March 27, 2012

so on sunday’s shoot i did my own makeup. which wasn’t a major crisis since, if you’ve seen some of the beautiful shots already, my head is cut off {the way i sometimes feel when i walk around all week}.

nevertheless, i did make up a full face. in my makeup bag i always have to have the following 6 items, i call them my nonnegotiables.

#1: concealer!! used as both a concealer and a foundation, uncover, provides the most natural looking coverage of any concealer i’ve ever tried {cle de peau, laura mercier, ysl,}. a little goes such a long way and feels weightless. undereye circles so long!

another product from rms beauty  i can’t live without is her luminizer, just like all rms products, the luminizer is formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients. rms’ philosophy is to create products so natural and nutrient dense, that when wearing them on your skin, the makeup will actually rejuvenate and heal.

my skin at least appears to rejuvenate with this luminizer. a bestseller with makeup artists all around this pot of gold can instantly wake up even the drabbiest face.

my absolute must-have eye palette is the naked2 from urban decay. i’ve always been a devoted fan, to urban decay. they carry my go-to, looks good on every girl, eye shadow: toasted; NAKED includes my beloved shade, plus 11 more gorgeous neutrals. it’s a perfect tool box for playing up the eyes. i love this set, almost as much as the friend who gave it to me…. 🙂

no surprise here, season after season dior show always wins as the mascara the pros use. that big, fat christmas tree brush doesn’t let one, single lash hide. a couple of swipes and i’m instantly in my kelly garrett, bambi-eyed, charlie’s angel mode.

for the smackers there’s no argument. my holy grail lip gloss was created by my friend, makeup artist, and eyebrow guru {just TRY getting an appointment} misha nesselrod, owner of holiday salon, orange county’s go-to salon for the best hair and makeup {without the orange county “look”}….

my misha gave me this gloss, she has her own make up line; of course she does..and she’s also a mother of one, has another one the way, and still makes it to spin class, looking gorgeous and fresh, i’d hate her if she wasn’t so nice.

what i love about this lip gloss is that it’s NOT sticky. my hair never gets caught and it’s super shiny for hours. the shade is the perfect brownish berry. kind of what clinque’s famous almost berry is like, except this doesn’t look lipsticky…misha has NAILED it with this gloss. the shade is named REVAMP.

lastly, i could not live without a bronzer. sadly my true holy grail, makeup forever’s contour kit, started adding bismuth oxychloride into their ingredients-which i’m highly allergic to, so i had to stop using it. luckily i found smashbox’s halo perfecting bronzer instead. the powder feels rather hydrating when applied, and a little goes a long way. the color is almost peachy, pink so i like that it mimics more, in-the-sun, rather than orange.

so there they are. my must haves for the face. praise the beauty gods.

ok, so i showed you mine. now you show me yours.

what are your holy grail beauty must haves m’loves?

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    Do you know how much it kills me that your head is NOT in every shot? But there are more photos to come that show you beautiful face of course! I need to try your friend's gloss! {and get the naked1 palette} – I don't wear too much makeup, but I'm a long-time tarte blush wearer, it went organic a few years ago + NARS shadow and lipstick.

    p.s. gotta love the people who don't read and leave comments on your photos telling me how great I look, lol.

    xoxo Mary Jo

  • I there with you on all these items… they are so essential that I cannot believe anyone lives without them!

  • Gorgeous pics. I will have to try that under eye stuff. Since i have dark circles and it's hereditary I swear by Sorme. The under eye stuff is made in Italy and is usually carried in beauty supply stores. I'm a sucker for anything that goes on the lips. Some people don't leave the house without eye liner or mascara for me it's lipliner, gloss or lipstick. It's a must. I love finding good colors. I love how eye shadow looks but I always feel like a hooker when I wear it since I have to wear blush/bronzer since i have zero color in my cheeks. My secret for Bronzer is Lancolm's face powder in a compact Sable – it's actually a face poweder in one of the darkest shades and looks more natural than most bronzing powders and I've tried them all. My other can't live wihtout is Intelligent serum/face oil from Whole Foods under my moisterizer – I'm addicted. Half the cost of Rodin and leaves your face silky soft.

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