last week it finally hit me, these thanksgiving and christmas pounds have over stayed their welcome. my holiday pants have slowly become the go-to reach.

six pounds since november have made permanent residence on my body, mostly in the lower hemisphere, which kinda crimps my jill stuart s/s 2012 bubble-gum pink, short shorts intentions.

how do i intend to get these grizzly, extra six begone?

my fitness level is pretty much that: level.

i am not improving and i am not digressing. i can bang out the push ups, and i can hit my same numbers in spin class.

but i can also throw down the matching bubble-gum pink, creme filled cookies like it’s a contest.

the last few months have been particularly stressful, and i’ve been eating to cope, tack on my inability to get 8 essential hours of sleep, which is more important to me than ANY lick of frosting, piece of cheese, or donut hole, and come 6:30pm i’m a walking, snarling, snack on anything and everything that’s not chained down, grouchy bear.

hello extra weight.

starting last week, spring training began for me: get your sleep katie!

yesterday i slept in until 7am, something i hadn’t done since my last vacation.

i did some work for a couple of hours around the house, worked out a bit {those jill stuart short shorts aren’t going to fit on their own}, and then took a 5 hour nap. hunkiest woke me up for dinner, and i was sound asleep by 8pm.

sleep is my crack, and when i’m well-rested {i.e. on vacation} my desire to overeat is non-existent.

it’s well documented that people who are sleep deprived have a higher increase of hunger and body weight.

also when i’m fortified with deep, solid rest i’m more inspired to create new choreography for my workouts. last week we did a bunch of new stuff with my coreplay ® class and there’s buckets more in my mental rolodex.

i was sore for days, and i definitely heard it from the troops.

so in the starting blocks i stand, mostly with the intention just to make sleep! sleep! sleep! my biggest priority.

how intend to get that sleep?…..well, that’s another post.

how do you spring train m’loves?