time to dance…..

March 14, 2012

tis wednesday, mid-week; that time where we could all use an extra twinkle in thee eye, no?

what better day than to offer up a new jingle playing heavy on the stereo love?

take a listen to one of my new songs, literally entitled, “a time to dance” by The SHOES:

Time to Dance

you just can’t help but boogie down a bit. perfect for bee-bopping around as the weather turns warm.

now for such a fun, euro-poppy song the VIDEO is rather fascinating.

starring jake gyllenhall, and crafted with the detail, storyline, editing and camera work of a feature film, “time to dance” is a horrific, gory, and very unsettling piece to watch; right down to the very last second of the eight and half minutes of frame.

having said that, i was still mesmerized and loved it.

i’ll provide the link, but be forewarned, it IS bloody and disturbing. do not watch it, if you are easily squeamish or simply are offended by gratuitous violence {this IS a music video}.

Video Link…..

otherwise you can just dance to the song with me…..

twirls to you m’loves…..

  • That SONG is really BOPPY! Thanks for sharing; and a good twirl would do a girl good!

  • Wow, what a perfect energetic start to my morning. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Oh my god, I love The jake. The Jake G. Everything about him. How comes he gets chucked over by all those woman (the rumour is he's…boring I find it hard to believe! ) And this exactly what I felt like this morning when i got cut in line a the coffee shop…

  • You know what I love? I might not have posted that video, but I was all about dance parties today. Great minds….
    I really do need to get up and dance — hopefully that can shake some energy back into my day.

  • I'm sitting here staring at my monitor trying to figure out how I feel. I wish I had listened to the song before watching the video…Katie you DID post the song link first so totally my bad!

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