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April 23, 2012

monday morning lovely to you my darlings.

tell me you made happy on your weekend endeavors.

i spent the bulk of my weekend, and will be spending the next 8, in the pilates studio continuing my next training.

good grief, i am silly sore.

but mostly from laughing. i’m sure we could bust this certification in half if we all would just stop talking and giggling, but i know it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

here’s a glimpse of my weekend nonsense:

the saturday antics have begun! danielle and i begin our sport’s illustrated photo sesh plank-pose style.

we work our way around the studio using different props and poses, angles and lighting.

camera-shy jaime hides in the back….

hijinks and folly aside, there is a ton of work to do….AND memorize.

post class i’m off for my grande drip and flash card drills. i attempt to commit the new material to memory until the dinner bell rings.

sunday morning i manage a little hh time, where my new mary jo matsumoto bag gets to come out and play. 

i couldn’t resist the newport harbor soft tote. it just screamed take me! take me!

sunday afternoon it was back to the studio for more transverse abdominus and tomfoolery.

five and a half hours of doing the same 10 exercises over and over and over again can make a group of six go patty hearst.

thank god for nail polish….again mary jo matsumoto….

it’s amazing what a strong core can allow one to do…..i watched a girl curl up, twist to the right, AND paint her nails!?

and the true reinforcements:…….candy chocolate covered peanuts from sprouts.

although my back feels like it needs a permanent brace, it was truly a weekend happy.

tell me m’loves what rang your jolly bell this weekend?

  • Katie, I am still energized from Tom Shadyac's first coffee talk in Venice.I met him and got to meet other people that are as inspired, motivated and ready to start doing something as I am. I know that you saw his documentary "I AM" and were very inspired by it that's why I'm sharing this with you. I will let you know when the next one will be. and keep having fun while getting your certification 🙂

  • Excited you are carrying your new bag!!! I have joined the Naked at the Beach brigade finally (after wearing every other shade)…the fact that you are getting into even better shape is slightly depressing though–how will I ever catch up? Not to mention all the new torture you will be bringing to class…

    xoxo Mary Jo

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