April 25, 2012

his itinerary calls for a another week away from me.

but that doesn’t stop me from window pane wishes for trips cut short or a surprise visit home.

even after his bags are long packed, and his plane is taxi-ing away from the gate, i still check our bedroom in hopes he still might be there sleeping.

for the most part i’m an unbroken, effectually supportive wife; confetti and sparkles peppered into every phone conversation and text.

yet, there are still some days where my quivering chin consumes my body like a tourette, and i must give in to a good solid cry.

i like that man a very good deal, and i miss him harsh when he goes away.

  • niloofar

    :((( yup!! sounds like you have it bad. It's called LOVE & you have to deal with it:)
    I am here if you need silly goofy distractions!!!

  • What a lucky guy! but to be able to inspire these kind of feelings and thoughts, I admit, he must be the real thing, so I change it to: what a lucky couple!

  • I'm sorry you're missing HH! Obviously understandable, hoping your blues go away soon, and luckily the situation is not forever!

    xoxo mary jo

  • Really, very beautiful.

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