the weekend

April 16, 2012


how was your weekend m’loves?

here’s a pictoral interpretation of mine:

here is hunkiest dragging me to my pilates training on saturday and sunday afternoon.

what always seems like a great idea when i enroll or commit, when it actually comes down to showing up, dragging, kicking, screaming and tantrum throwing usually ensues.

i forget how vital sleep and rest is to my weekend happiness, also my time with that man i married never seems to be enough either.

 but nevertheless i punched in the clock at the ol’ pilates studio.

the certification is phenomenal. i am learning so much. it’s a small group who seem to already know a ton about pilates so we are able to get into advanced teaching material.

these girls can move and groove. there are only 5 of us, and the majority expect a workout.

so much for me wanting to hide out anonymously in the back of the room.


we worked hundreds prep, rollover, single leg stretch and also our gifts of gab. this is also a VERY funny group.

hysterics ensued often.

….saturday afternoon, an off-color joke made me laugh so hard my twitch came back for 24 hours.

but, i repeat, much to my lazy girl’s dismay, we did work.

5 reps of 3 inches of movement felt like we had erected the golden gate bridge, single-handedly, and all with our lower abdominals.

welcome to pilates.

 hunkiest alternated between carrying and dragging my tired, sore self up the stairs each evening.

week 1 down….10 to go.

so tell me m’loves, did you have an active weekend too? or did you relax, indulge, and relish in some time off?

spring training woo to the hoo!

  • Honestly so jealous that you are doing this–my spring training this weekend consisted of lifting fork to face and kleenex to nose–I am woefully sick. But hoping to return very soon. I completely f*ed up getting you your pressie and am so sorry! Hoping to see you soon for more pain and pilates!

    xo Mary Jo

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