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weekend happy

June 29, 2012

 splendid, friday wishes to you m’loves.

i am still so bewildered and sad over the death of the great writer, screenwriter, director, journalist and mother, nora ephron. she was in a talent league of her own, and taken away much too soon.

do you have a favorite nora ephron movie? i never tire of when harry met sally. just typing it out puts a smile on my face. 

although her movies and books have filled my life with much laughter, tears {hello heartburn?}, and conversation, ms. ephron’s biggest influence on my life has been from something she said in her 1996 commencement address to the graduates of wellesley college: 

be the heroine of your own life, not the victim.

ever since those ten words flew through my eardrums and up into my cerebral cortex, i think of them multiple times a day. 

typically it’s the non-victim slice of the quote i choose to savor, luxuriate in like a crispy baked black bass or a lisa gerrard serenade; i personally think the word victim is one of the dirtiest words in the dictionary. 

but lately, i’ve been more interested in heroism.

a hero conjures so many different images to people.

to me a hero is kind, forgiving, patient, and humble. 

i feel i am my most heroic when i am on my knees, in the wrong, which is often, and can admit it to the world for all their judgement and scorn.

i also feel quite brave and valiant when i am able to love unconditionally on someone who has hurt me. it may not be a face to face embrace, or a written word acquittal, but softening my heart on an attacker feels better than if the wound never existed at all. and people say i have some ugly scars. 

every night, as i give thanks for the gifts in my life, people i love, beasts i’d walk in front of a car for, i also send love and affection out to those who aren’t in my cabinet of trust. i try to have my final awakened thoughts as i drift into dreamland, ones of peace and compassion so that  i can sleep with both eyes shut, not on the lookout for enemies.

what about you? what do you find heroic? 

wishing you a heroic weekend m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.

grab your popcorn

June 28, 2012

here are some upcoming trailers of films catching my fancy. all of them are heavily greased, hollywood monsters, nary a single, independent in the bunch. but i couldn’t find anything remotely, small-budget interesting {i’m still recovering from some bad, yemenese salmon}. i’ve been on a losing streak with movies, and television has become so stinking good. it takes a lot to get me into those high-priced, dirty seats.

maybe one of these will break the curse.

YouTube Preview Image

based on true events, ben affleck acts and directs {i liked what he did with the town} the film, argo, a story of how the CIA manufactured fake events to rescue citizens from tehran.

YouTube Preview Image

sean penn. josh brolin. ryan gosling. do you need much more? ladies & gentlemen: the gangster squad.

 YouTube Preview Image

and it’s always nice to have a laugh……maybe i won’t be seeing this in the theaters, but i have a feeling hunkiest will be quoting it for years.

YouTube Preview Image

i don’t know what it was about this one….maybe it’s just my gigantic crush on jennifer garner, maybe it was the major kelly clarkson soundtrack manipulation, but this screamed yes to me.

but!! {and you know who you are!, don’t get any ideas}..it’s not the ticking of my biological stop watch, i think it has more to do with my houseplants not thriving like i wish they would.

YouTube Preview Image

oscar time. paul thomas anderson’s {there will be blood} heavy drama, the master, is loosely based on the rise of scientology, and how its founder l. ron hubbard {played by phillip seymour hoffman} came to create his own “religion”.

so what’s your vote? real-life events? dreamboat gansters in the 30’s? laughfest with ferrell & galafanakis? disney-lite? or going heavy controversial with a brilliant filmmaker?

see you at the movies m’loves.

luck be a lady in lavender

June 27, 2012

ok, so the great white out is officially over….

yes, a fickle girl i can be.

 i have now moved on to all things lavender. i am having a deep lust for this milky, purple hue.

maybe it’s because my backyard is currently one wild, fragrant, french haven of lavender bush; it’s inspiring me to continue the eye-catching experience out into my world of work and play.

but it looks like i’m not the only one having this chromatic crush….this delicate, pretty, i’m-having-tea-with-the-duchess shade seems to be bedecking all avenues of fashion fancy. 

 this blouse, currently on sale, screams summer lovely; it looks like a dollop of lavender cream; perfect for scones i’ll be having during my royal tea date. 

i’ve had my eye on these shades for quite some time. i just haven’t been able to take the plunge on the retro style {not sure sponge-katie squarepants could pull it off}. but i’m thinking maybe in an amethyst i wouldn’t look as dorky…..or perhaps it would just move my application up to the front of the line for the nerds-r-us club.


i’ve seen this bowling bag in person, and the color is just as pretty as it looks here. 

although i’d never have the guts to wear these pants….{my hamstrings eschew practically anything but shades of black, and my conscience eschews ALL shades of grey of late} i double dig this pattern and would love to pair them with giant platforms and big, blousy, white shirt.

ok. i typically don’t wear a watch. but i will make an exception for this lovely toymaker, missoni scarf twirly.

so i’m realizing this post is turning into “happy wednesday”:welcome to items i will not wear, that i want to wear, and that happen to be a lightly, colored purple hue.

let me shift gears. 

i always have room for a dress, rarely does this girl turn down something that swishes and sways. this is one of my favorite cuts for a dress: sleeveless, v-neck. so flattering and comfortable, straight out of one of jay gatsby’s garden parties.

there. a non-negotiable. although, i’d prefer something below the knee….and that slit is a little high…



and i don’t care how it tastes, i’d walk around with this just because it’s pretty.

so what are your thoughts? are you into the lavender look?

wednesday happiest to you m’loves.



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