aqua bumps

July 20, 2012

friday happy to you m’loves.

i end the week with one my favorite photographers, eugene tan, a guy who in the late 1990’s “took the leap of faith” by shedding an unhappy corporate life in the city for a more fulfilling career on the sandy beach.

he created the worldwide phenomenon aquabumps, a website and daily email bringing his readers the most beautiful, waterfront sunrises in the world. over 40,000 people receive their aquabumps morning sunshine, and now there is a three and half inch coffee table book compiled from a day of eugene shooting from sunrise to sunset at bondi beach. also, most of the aquabumps photos are available for purchase. i definitely have my eye on a few.

here are some of my favorites:

the beach inspector.


the golden girl.

lone swimmer.


YouTube Preview Image

this is definitely worth the watch on how it all started. i love how he says, “you really can make a career out of anything as long as you’re passionate and committed.”

wishing you a passionate and beautiful weekends m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday. 

  • Love these, will have to check him out. Happy weekend to you Katie! Hope it's a good one–how could it not be, the weather is perfection.

    xo mary jo

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