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August 31, 2012

so yesterday my friend patty and i zoomed up to venice for one, last, summer hurrah.

patty’s warm weather getaways were nil this year, and a planned trip to nyc for hunkiest and me was axed at the eleventh hour, which left me with the rare predicament of my classes covered, and no dance floor for tail shaking. having already re-scheduled our day trip twice, when patty emailed asking for a play date, i pounced like a baby kitten on imported burmese catnip.

yes! let’s do it! i’m in! 

miss patty and i co-exist on an unnatural level of caffeine. when the aliens come we know we’ll be one of the first to be studied for our obscene espresso bean consumption. although orange county is getting better with its coffee providers, los angeles is still the best place without a passport to get our needed fix. intelligentsia is one of our favorites.

beloved by hipsters and celebrities {we spotted grey’s anatomy star kim raver ordering a drink to-go,} intelligentsia roasts and retails coffee beans that our 100% exclusive to intelligentsia. they work all year round, all over the world to source what they believe is the absolute best coffee. and after tasting their holdings, it’s hard to dispute their word.

it really is that good.

ever the fashionista, patty was pitch-perfect in her chic, 60’s mod skirt, strappy, tall sandals that she effortlessly glided around on like a ballerina {that girl can walk in some heels,} and a shindig around her neck that i couldn’t take me eyes off of.

patty was the epitome of venice vogue.

i, on the other hand, looked like a stodgy, loser guard on his break from buckingham palace.

my wool, bowler hat {perfect for 90 degree august weather} and starched, popped collar eventually got us bounced out of the ultra-cool, LA town.

sorry patty. your ivy-league wannabe, knee-sock wearing, “pahk the cahr”{even though i was born in california,} let’s do summer again in hyannisport {even though i’ve never actually been to hyannisport,} headband donning, want to name my first girl “muffie” {yes with an ‘ie”,”} who may take up drinking again because, in my opinion, a tumbler in one’s hand looks just as good as a string of pearls as far as accessories go-friend, can’t properly dress for coffee. 

yes, this preppy nerd completely embarrassed her with my daisy buchanan outfit.

earth to katie, this is not the east egg. 

settling into a nook under the ivy, me with my micro-lot of la perlita de oaxaca and a latté for miss patty, we then proceeded to gorge {me,} daintily eat {patty,} one of the best croissants {sorry paris} i’ve ever had. seriously i’m not being a hyperbolic hippo. it was so buttery and good i didn’t mind at all that i was breaking up my 12 days without dairy spell. 

maybe i was just jaded because of the conversation and company. patty is like wearing rose colored glasses for me. whenever i’m with patty it’s like space invaders with our quick speak and retort.

bam! bam! bam!

oh you want to be funny? i’ll see your funny, and i’ll raise you micro-lot flying out your nostrils. 

that’s pretty much how it went from the second i saddled into her passenger seat. and such a bonus: the woman drives; have we talked about what a terrible driver i am? and when she drives, she takes mad business calls where she becomes this grand marshal of the public relations parade. i felt like throwing roses at her float. such great fun. 

albeit too short, it was a much-needed getaway.

weekend happy to you m’loves. i will see you on the other side of  sunday.

road trip

August 30, 2012

thursday morning kisses to you my kittens.

i can’t contain my giddy. 

today my girlfriend patty and i are playing mini-hooky, and hightailing it up to venice for major coffee-tasting

both of us share a deep love for the dark bean. we converse about the details of our morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening cups like it was the latest shades of grey book; except with more lust and heavy breathing. 

intelligentsia café is known as l.a.’s “coffee heaven.” lines are typically out the door, and a wait can feel like “standing in line at six flags magic mountain.” intelligentsia’s coffee itself is a jolt, punch in the face, roller coaster ride in itself. i have crushed on this cult java from my very first sip.

we’ll be instagraming and tweeting the whole time if you want to keep up with the hijinks and buzz. 


August 29, 2012

yesterday i had the BEST day EVER {in therapy.}

we are talking breakthrough, gates thrown open, i can see clearly now, the rain is gone, catharsis.

after years on the couch delving through past grievances, future fears, and current anxieties; where my shrink and i always find ourselves circling back to the same source of my angst: my inability to pull off the skinny jean with a pointy flat, yesterday my therapist filled the hollow hole i try so desperately hard to fill with endless nestle’s crunch bars and apple fritters. 

as i shilly-shallied between bemoaning my strong quads, and deploring the other heartaches in my life, mainly the cancellation of nbc’s prime suspectmy psychiatrist looked up from her crossword puzzle with a glimmer in her eye like i haven’t seen since i helped her solved 47 down three years ago: ten letters, starts with a “t,” ends with a “k.” clue: “shrink’s specialty.”

um, hello?


do i need a bullseye?

imagine my surprise and extreme delight when that fancy in my therapist’s eye wasn’t the solve of her sudoku, but was in fact something she had discovered about ME!

was i proving victorious in my 2012 crusade to soften my steely, moat-guarded heart? had my practice in patience finally taken root and shown itself in my actions at the grocery store as i bit my tongue, and helped the lady load her dinner for 40 fixings onto our 15 items or less aisle? 

was it the way i showed restraint and grace, and refrained two saturdays ago from embarrassing a jerk-wad, who texted on his phone during the entire spin class when 3 other more deserving riders wanted his bike…and then he left early. 

or did she just notice an overall, general stiff, upper lip during this year of the dragon

no. it was so much better.

i was mid “and then he said….” when my therapist interrupted and asked:

did you get some sort of lift? {hands to her face, motioning upward, as if tight rubber latex was pulled to its maximum tautness.}

never in my life has someone asked me if i’ve had plastic surgery. especially to my face.

it was hands down the nicest thing anyone has EVER said to me.

no. no lift. no botox, nothing filled, just my laser last friday. 

she said “your life may be falling apart around you, but you look great!.”

seriously, bar none, the BEST therapy session i’ve had in the 20 years i’ve been on that couch. i felt like leaving a gratuity.

case closed. patient cured.

mental health happy to you m’loves.

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