road trip

August 30, 2012

thursday morning kisses to you my kittens.

i can’t contain my giddy. 

today my girlfriend patty and i are playing mini-hooky, and hightailing it up to venice for major coffee-tasting

both of us share a deep love for the dark bean. we converse about the details of our morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening cups like it was the latest shades of grey book; except with more lust and heavy breathing. 

intelligentsia café is known as l.a.’s “coffee heaven.” lines are typically out the door, and a wait can feel like “standing in line at six flags magic mountain.” intelligentsia’s coffee itself is a jolt, punch in the face, roller coaster ride in itself. i have crushed on this cult java from my very first sip.

we’ll be instagraming and tweeting the whole time if you want to keep up with the hijinks and buzz. 

  • i need to be there. to hold your hand…their beans are life-changing.

    • goodniteirene

      yes, you did need to be there!!
      you always need to be here.

  • sounds yummy – venice is my fav to poke around especially abbot kinney – go to Gjlena for lunch – it's BEYOND yum and my favorite on the street. i just went for a long run and it's super hot already and about to make a nepresso which my bf thinks is a froofy espresso machine LOL! have fun girls.

    • goodniteirene

      sadly, we didn't have time for lunch.
      funny you mention gjlena. we were weighing the merits of glena and the tasting kitchen….and then we both agreed that you can always, after all these years still have a great meal at chinois.

  • Wow, that coffee place sounds like a good excuse (the only excuse) I need to take a field trip through the Orange Curtain (oops did I get that right…is that like outsiders calling San Fran "Frisco"???)

    • goodniteirene

      yes, orange curtain is correct….only this place "was" in venice….which is in los angeles….we trekked up there.
      i read every post of yours miss jody…..laugh out loud funny.

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