weekend happy

August 24, 2012

friday goofy to you m’loves!

it’s the weekend and i’m hands-in-the-air-happy!

what’s on the filofax for your days of kid-n-play?

today my face is getting the gift of the triniti laser. this is the 4th time i’ve had it done. it is by far the most effective anti-aging weapon i’ve seen out there. it tones the skin, combats fine lines, and battles my nemesis: melasma. but man its post zap remnants leave me looking like a monster best left in one’s closet for the next few days.

keep the small children and heart conditioned elderly far from newport beach this weekend. i don’t want to scare anyone with my black and purple branded face for the next few days. even the beasts choose to take alternate routes to best avoid me in the house. 

 YouTube Preview Image

but if you ARE ok with charred flesh and you’re in the orange county neighborhood, come see me at jabulani yoga for my jabu-fusion fit class this saturday at 9:30am. my jabu-fusion fit class is the same format of my coreplay® class: a mixed fun bag of lotte berk {barre type exercises,} pilates, yoga, my sarcasm and a ton of love blended up into one hour. we sweat, we tone, we stretch, we smile. 

jabulani just filmed our promo videos, and here’s MINE!! i feel like i get a little sleepy toward the end of it?? must be my insomnia. 

wishing you a fit, restful, smile-filled weekend.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves. 

  • I can testify to the wonderfulness (and sarcasm) that is Katie's coreplay® class!! Woot woot! <collapses in a heap>

  • You look GREAT in the video Katie! I love that I am way in the back hee hee and nobody knows (or can see the faces i'm making) ! Hoping to get back with your class after I catch up with sleep and read the 6" vogue on my coffee table…have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo mary jo

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