October 31, 2012

it’s madcap crazy here. the neighborhood candy was finally purchased last night and half of it is already gone.

unfortunately this year i don’t have priscilla to blame. 

what are you plans for this hallow’s eve? will you be costuming? if so, please share.

treats and tricks to you m’loves.

  • How did you EVER get them to keep the masks on!? Halloween's not scary.

  • I think I'm going to be Priscilla so I can eat as much halloween candy as I want…wait, I already did! {I'm a cat, of course!} Hope you have fun!

  • I am not so much a candy eater but I love industrial cookies like the Nabisco standard choc chip cookies. They didn't have any at the store and I don't like the new-fangled (chewy and chunky) one!

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