thursday thunder & lightening to you m’loves. as i type i can hear the beginnings of a tasty, storm brewing in the belly of the early morning sky. she’s rumbling something nasty up there in her dark clouds and navy blue heaven, and i’m on toes of tippy awaiting its arrival. there’s nothing that gets my billy-goat happier than a sick, loud, head-banger of a storm.  

this afternoon the puddles and i plan to get jiggy with it in my 10-year-old, black, santa claus looking rain boots. i really have worn these same rain boots for the last ten years. i bought them in munich at what looked like a luxurious gas station for less than 20 bucks, and they’re one of my most favorite pairs of shoes i own. i just keep getting them resoled every few years.

if that sad day ever does come, and i have to replace them, i do like these max mara ladies. or for the more budget friendly these nomad hurricane boots are really cute. what type of footwear do you don for puddle-jumping?

ok, so unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you too have spent the last two days trolling the brand new zara home website. my laundry and dishes are beyond neglected due to the time i’ve committed to browsing this fantastic online treasure chest. just the trays alone took up an hour of my time, and i’m sure i forgot to feed the beasts that night. and how i ever got through life without a fish sauce-boat and lois toast rack i don’t know. 

have you seen it? have you ordered? what? tell me.

thursday clouds in your coffee to you m’loves….{but those are creamy, lovely, delicious clouds of course.}