although i am still steeped heavy in my black phase, mint green is popping up in crannies and nooks of my life; revitalizing and refreshing my day with her peaceful and calming hue of a breezy sea. it’s never been a color i can turn down. if there’s ever a mint green option i have to at least pick it up and feel it in my hands, my reasoning that hopefully the touch of the color will transmit some of that cool, aqua, zen-ness into my brain and heart. 

here are some of the mint additions i’ve been building into my life lately:

i recently added this moon river mumbai bracelet to my right wrist. the aquamarine is a birthstone of someone dear to me, whom i want to keep as close as possible right now. the mint and gold combination makes for a dazzling accoutrement to my basic black yoga uniform, and still looks wildly exotic when i work it with a dressier option post-pilates studio. 

i practically live in monrow vintage sweat pants and tissue tanks for work. they’re chic enough that i throw heels and a boyfriend blazer on top for a transition into a post-work dinner, etc. i’m loving these mint monrow vintage sweat pants and this narrow green tissue tank. the fabric of these pieces feel like golden retriever puppies. beyond soft.

and while we’re on it, i wish you could feel this bag. i’ve said it before, yes her bags are exquisite to look at, but to feel them is to truly get your money’s worth. i have two totes now, and they are used more than any other bags i’ve ever had. mary jo matsumoto is a magician, and she’s been on the mint train for months. this crystal cove tote is no exception. i love the cooler tones for the cooler temperatures.

and then you have this cozy ultra-suede interior to keep sunglasses, phones, and cameras safe from scratching and other purse atrocities. the girl doesn’t miss a beat. 

i’ve been living in this oversized, j.crew, v-neck, sweater for the last two weeks, and have been tickled “mint” with all of the compliments i’ve been receiving. i noticed it just went on sale too. weren’t you saying you deserved a late-october splurge?

for the home, lafco makes the most delicious sage and mint candle. i love all of lafco’s candles, but green house has to be in my top three favorite scents. the whole house smells like a tucked away, english country garden house, post heavy deluge. i light this candle, throw on chopin and sip cider on a brisk, rainy, sunday afternoon, imagining a georgian life filled with thomas gainsborough landscapes and lord byron poems. 

oh the importance of scent. for you see, one snuff of that candle and i’m back to reality where “snooki” is my emma, and kim and khloe reign as my elinor and marianne dashwood.

wishing you a refreshing wednesday m’loves.