monday sugar to you m’loves. did you fancy yourself a weekend chandelier sparkly?

mine was restful, seeing faces i love, both my day-to-day cherished ones, and a few i don’t get to see nearly enough.

on friday afternoon, a big joyful box from catbird arrived for me. 

catbird is a darling little shop in williamsburg {brooklyn, nyc} with the most spectacular sourcing of jewelers and artisans. each vendor is more unique and wonderful than the next. and their price points cater to all sorts of budgets. they have super quick economy shipping; i placed an order on tuesday, and had it 3 days later. none of that going to your front, empty doorstep over and over, day after day, like a crazy person. 

 out of all my boons, this twisted stacker ring was definitely the house favorite. it’s the prettiest, tiny, fleck of delicate gold that wraps sweetly around my ring finger. it connotes such a softness and tenderness, and of course love. how could i not wear it as my wedding band? as you can see even priscilla wanted in on my new jewelry action. that girl does not know her place. 

a close second in the favorite department is our new campfire candle. just like the label says it really does smell like wood smoke, saddle leather and honey. that element of sweet mixed with the smoky makes the most intoxicating autumn aroma. the house smells like a log cabin tucked hidden in the tennessee woods. it’s the perfect candle for this time of year. 

sweet dreams were most certainly had under our new tiffany-blue banner.

oh, and jones learned the art of the photobomb

this roomy, canvas tote bag has already seen much use this weekend at various errands and markets. it’s a great size and washes nicely. it came free with purchase. 

a weekend lovely, full of merry, love and living life. magic surrounds indeed!

 monday happy to you m’loves, here’s to a week of keeping the magic flowing.