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October 12, 2012

friday peas of sweet to you m’loves. it’s been a sentimental week of savoring the moments of deep affection from friends and family, holding meaningful conversations in my heart like a long, dragged out meal i never want to end, and me trying to re-inact gut-busting, doubled over on the floor, falling down on my hands and knees, trying not lose my bladder, saturday night live quality stories to a stone-faced, arms crossed, unmoved hunkiest, who never quite seems to understand my humor—or in my opinion, his lack thereof. #men

how did the second week of october treat you darling readers? what is on your weekend platter of plans and schedules?

saturday i’ll be at the balboa beach music festival, a concert benefiting the balboa performing arts foundation. the line-up is so insane i honestly keep thinking there is a mistake: a fine frenzy, joshua radin, matt nathanson, maria mckee and many more.  

tickets are still on sale. if you’re in town, this is a show not to be missed. 

i’ll be tagging along with my friend and sage, mrs. burns. let’s hope by the end of the weekend i’m not a knocked up hamburger eating carnivore. if it were up to mrs. burns i’d be having a baby and eating slow-roasted pork sandwiches with her every night. i’m not sure which comes first? the pig or the preggo? but just giving you an idea of the kind of influence i’ll be under saturday night: some friends push booze and drugs, this one pushes baby bjorns and tri-tip. what’s not to love?

sunday will be about putting the slow back into my dance. a lazier stride, a tardier arrival to mr. coffee pot, a morning nap perhaps? maybe even followed up with an afternoon doze as well? a guilty conscience need not apply. sunday is my day to reaffirm my commitments to this path of gracious living. this is done via restoration, being close to those i love, and giving thanks to the many gifts in my life.

thank you so much for letting me share it with you.

to kick off the weekend, i think we need a little ditty….in honor of my concert, here’s a fine frenzy‘s “now is the start.” the perfect start for a weekend happy. see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

YouTube Preview Image

  • Wow that line-up sounds amazing! I will be heading to the North Carolina State Fair to hear the stylings of…get this…Matthew West, Jake Owen, and the NC One Man Band (which is actually one man). woo!

  • Don't know who Mrs Burns is…..but I like the way she thinks! And I applaud both the occasional pulled pork sandwich…and the occasional pregnancy.


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