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tennis, juice, yoga & jane……..

November 30, 2012

friday zippity doo dah to you m’loves!

my oh my what a busy week! and it looks like it’s going to be an even whackier weekend. 

hunkiest and i have checked our calendars, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! from now until the 26th of december it is ON! our feet are in the starting blocks, and the social season and high-gear workload have begun. i usually get rather cranky with too many commitments in the filofax, but so far i’ve yet to bite the heads off of any small children….that’s not to say i may not go looking for a nice toddler lollipop come next week. 

how about you?
tonight i am pop-rocks-in-my-mouth-happy i get to go to the acura champions cup tennis tournament at the honda center. michael chang, john mcenroe, andre agassi, and jim courier, {hello?! legends,} all duke it out under one roof in three matches for the top spot. the tennis is a 10, and the banter back and forth between these guys is a 12. it’s always a great evening, and not to be missed if you haven’t already made plans for tonight, and even if you have made plans, it’s worth canceling them. tickets are available here. i’ll see you there, i’ll be the one in wimbeldon whites, with the terry cloth headband and matching wrist guards. 

what? it’s a look. 

as i always am after professional sporting events, tomorrow i will be outré inspired to expand my fitness prowess. so my kamp katie campers had better be ready to, in the words of olivia newton john, “lemme see yer body talk” come saturday morning. game on my friends! 

i’m excited to announce i will be teaching a complimentary coreplay® class {my pilates, barre, yoga fusion style class} on sunday morning at 10am at The CAMP.

it is the official grand opening for ritual wellness’ newest endeavor ritual juicebox, an actual storefront where you can buy their delicious, 100% organic, raw juices. 20% of all orders {both in-store and online} will be donated to JDRF {juvenile diabetes research} on sunday. email info@ritualcleanse.com if you’d like to register for class. 

later on i’ll be trading juice for south african tea, but the spirit of community and good tidings will still remain. from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock on sunday afternoon you can come say “hello” and learn more about our wonderful community at jabulani yoga during the annual corona del mar christmas walk {in corona del mar.} we’ll be serving tea and holiday cheer and spreading the word of our sweet, jubilant little studio right in the heart of corona del mar. we’ll be set up right near bandera restaurant near marguerite avenue.

this weekend and post would not be complete though without a birthday wish to my beautiful mother. i can’t wait to properly fete you; hoping that stripper calls me back. 

happy birthday jane. i love you crazy. {and don’t read into that.}

weekend happy to you m’loves. wish my mom happy birthday will ya?

see you on the other side of sunday. 



shimmer happens

November 29, 2012

thursday sparkle to you m’loves. the glow and glisten of last night’s full moon is inspiring more shimmer and glint in my week. 

i know holiday shopping lists are forming, and nothing is more fun than unwrapping a package which glimmers like a fourth of july sparkler, beneath that tissue and wrap. 

here are a few incandescent and scintillating gifts you may want to snatch up for loved ones, or even add to your own list for santa. 

my rock star friend, mary jo matsumoto, is at it again. i know i brag about her designs a lot, but really, really it’s because they are THAT amazing. i still can’t believe she sells her bags at the prices she does. the quality is better than any celine, chloe, proenza schuler, or burberry out there. her new laguna shimmer limited edition fold-over stingray clutch and laguna shimmer soft tote is no exception. both have that perfect combo bite of modern and classic that is the signature to all mary jo designs. her clutch reminds me of some wonderful art deco design, perfect to carry to your great gatsby viewing parties this winter. not shown are her leopard bancroft and her resort collection, both near sell outs for the holiday season. 


over at j.crew you can get your major sparkle ‘on’ with their squared starburst bracelet, glitter t-strap ballet flatslula glitter ballet flats, and, my personal favorite, the crystal burst bracelet, which i love to throw on even with sweatpants and a puffer vest; that silly bit of ostentation with what would be otherwise grubby clothes, suddenly turns it into a “look,” at least in katie-land. 

i could talk about beauty products all day long. this whole post could be dedicated to the glittery ways to pretty up the face and body, but i’ll confine it to three.

sk-II facial treatment essence is touted to bring a phosperescence to every face it touches. cate blanchett swears it’s this yeast and sake formula that has kept her a fanatic to the line for over ten years.

already my holy grail for concealer {let’s take a moment to honor those undereye circles no longer with us,} rms beauty also makes an amazing luminizer.

and with over one hundred four star+ reviews, urban decay’s marshmallow sparkling lickable body powder, a vegan company even with l’oreal’s recent purchase, is an ultra-luxurious gift for a friend or co-worker; it’s just not something someone would typically buy for themselves, yet it’s great to receive. i love putting this stuff on. i still have yet to find a single product from urban that i’m not obsessed with {hello supercurl mascara!??!}

if you’re really feeling like going bold, or fancying a splurge on yourself, go downward dog deep into the silver and sequins.

i’m completely obsessed, in the most unhealthy, john hinckley way, for this phillip lim sequiny, track-suity, but not in the juicy couture way, get-up from net-a-porter. the pants {bottom right} are silk AND sequined and flounce in the most perfect, i dream of barbara eden manner. and the sweater is mega-rad with it’s color-me-deborah harry geometric shapes, and punky meshed fit. watch here to see the video of these two piece put together. #musthavenow #santacanyouhearme

this DSQUARED2 long sleeve, metallic dress will most certainly make a statement, or more importantly a jaw drop at a holiday party or two. it is currently on sale at shopbop.com

and those silver brocade houndstooth cropped pants, {bottom left} by malene birger are sure to provide dance floor, disco ball credibility any where you find yourself jingle belling the night away. 

what is your favorite way to add shimmer into your holiday season my darlings?

sweet, tender, baby kisses of glitter all over your heads m’loves.

thursday sparkly to you!

a girl walks into an elevator……

November 27, 2012

so this girl……

walks into this elevator…….

YouTube Preview Image

{can’t. stop. laughing.}

thank you to my beautiful friend, deb, for sharing this gem.

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