monday morning sprinkles of rainbow to you m’loves.

did your weekend fly by the seat of your pants too? mine was filled with family in town, get-togethers with loved ones, and classes that continue to expand my heart and push my physical limits. i’m still catching my breath from the saturday spin class, marching band in my chest, followed by a record attendance at jabulani yoga. we fusion’d and flowed in perfect unison, both men and women, for one beautiful hour. 

as i type, i sit here staring, willing, desperately {i never spell that word correctly the first time} trying to bring life back into my sad, shriveled, dehydrated, practically fossilic house plant on my desk. my eyes lasering this decrepit, wilting, green mummy with my good thoughts and well wishes. the watering, fertilizer, change in scenery, bribery, hookers and dance parties haven’t helped. so now i’m going the new age route to get this weeping ficus {how appropriate} back in business. next up: my enya playlist and age of the aquarius soundtrack. 

in keeping with my fancy for the mystic, on saturday i tied a red string around my left wrist. inspired by my gorgeous friend luciana, a fellow yoga teacher, who oozes kindness and love, the red string, pop culturally associated with many kabbalah following celebrities, and not the biblical origin, rachel, has many meanings for people. as it was conveyed to me: it is a reminder to have more compassion. some people wear them to ward off “evil eyes,” and keep protected. i want to be sweeter, and, of course, to look like madonna.

so this weekend i had “someone i loved” {julianne moore wasn’t available so hh offered instead,} tie that red string around my left wrist with one tight knot, and then i tied 6 more knots {a representation of how many times rachel’s tomb was wrapped with string.} voila: another reminder to keep soft and speak loving.

i have to admit though, that string hasn’t been on my wrist for not even 72 hours, and i don’t thing i’ve used the word d-bag so many times in my life. i’m not sure it’s working for me. i’m hoping it has to do with all the football on tv this weekend. please don’t ask me who played.