so who has seen the new bond movie, skyfall?

people just love the bond movies. i am lukewarm on the bond movies. some i dig, but most of them are ho-hum. it’s like the steamed artichoke appetizer. very rarely is that order a hit out of the park, but for some reason people order it over and over and over again. it’s a leaf people!! you’re scraping micro bits of food off of a rubbery leaf?! and half of the time your leaf is over or undercooked. 

the steamed artichoke is the biggest hoax in the history of the american restaurant!

where was i? 

i am a sucker for the bond girl; definitely an iconic character in american cinema.

sévérine from skyfall played by bérénice marlohe is rumored to set the screen afire with her sex appeal and obvious beauty.

my introduction to the bond girl was the lovely lois chiles as holly goodhead {swear to god-look it up} in moonraker.

i think the franchise’s best feat for casting was with denise richards as “dr. christmas jones,” the 23-year-old, nuclear physicist in the world is not enough. i’m pretty sure at M.I.T belly shirts are the standard issued uniform for ALL nuclear physicists. i looked up current faculty at M.I.T. and found this. yes, most certain he’s walking around in a crop top for his wintry, cambridge lectures. 

i wasn’t allowed to see the movie octopussy. ironic, because platoon was fine?!?!

but here is maud adams as the infamous namesake. 

 not that the other actresses aren’t legit {denise richards,} but it was nice to see french star, sophie marceau embody the evil elektra king from the world is not enough, and try to outsmart the genius dr. christmas jones.

and TOTALLY accredited in my book, the exquisite eva green, one of my top 5 favorite actresses right now, killed it, literally, as vesper lynd in casino royale which i thought was a great movie. 

although i haven’t seen the movie, famke janssen already has my vote for legendary bond girl. her character, xenia onatopp, from goldeneye needed not a pistol, knife or poison to kill her enemies, she merely assassinated them with the crush of her thighs. 

which brings me back to a conversation i had with my friend mrs. burns in pilates class on tuesday: i said if i were to pick a native american name it would be “quads burning-burning“, but i’ve changed my mind, and decided it’s my bond girl name now. make a note of that please mrs. burns. thank you.

but my favorite of all bond girls is by far jenny flex from a view to a killalso my favorite of the bond movies {such an eighties fiend.} played by alison doody, jenny flex was the end-all bond girl: icy, beautiful, bad, and charming. i think i walked around in riding boots, with an umbrella as my crop, for a month after seeing a view to a kill.

so tell me, who is your favorite bond girl? what would your bond girl name be?

thursday happy m’loves.