it happened! it happened! last night the weather FINALLY changed around our neck of the woods. 

flip-flops and bare shoulders begone, bring on the cashmere and wooly feet.

the beasts and i bundled up like 3 blanketed swine last night, trying to mooch heat off each others’ freezing bones. 

i piled on sweats, one fleece robe and two pairs of knee socks. tis the season for me to go a little whackadoo on cozy footwear. next to hats, it’s my favorite accessory. 

some girls get fancy with their lingerie, some with their jewels and handbags, i make a concerted effort with my socks. 

great socks can make me surprisingly giddy.

jennifer beals? paging jennifer beals? you are requested in my soul. i must get my feet into these leg warmers from free people. with my calves covered in crochet, and michael sembello’s “maniac” already on my ipod, {OF COURSE,} my dance party will be complete. 

“just a steel-town girl on a saturday night…looking for the fight of her life…….”

these emerald chevron socks from anthropologie would look perfect with a jean skirt and a sharpie, patent leather, kitten heel in a splashy shade of red, yellow or any other made to clash color. i love a loud sock with a demure, little, feminine pump.

these knee socks from falke are the perfect boot sock. they make me want to finally go out and buy those hunter boots i’ve coveted for all these years. 

j.crew makes the best trouser socks. they’re thin, but strong, and again i think they look best with a pointy heel, and a slim ankle pant.

on the practical side these vans, no-show, shoe liners are my go-to’s when i wear my converse chuck taylors {my gym shoe.} they really cannot be seen with a shoe on, and give you a bare-foot in sneaker look {insert my gag sound here.} but these lovelies save you from that icky skin to sneaker experience….yes, i have bare feet issues.

do you have any favorite cold-weather socks too? what about cold weather beauty tricks for the feet? i recently started to slather vaseline all around my feet and throw on a pair of socks at bedtime. it renders the softest ever toes and heels come morning. i learned that trick at the nail salon. vaseline? who knew? so much more effective than all those expensive foot creams i’ve purchased in the past. 

oh you know you wanted to see it……wednesday happy m’loves.