in the words of nicki minaj, “let’s do this one more time.” pool let us corral our memories and musings for the year passed. for me, a pasture full of wild horses, rabid dogs, sweet baby kittens, and gentle lambs-all penned together on a neurotic, happy, we-feed-our-feelings, working farm.

i can’t remember if it was last year when i stopped making resolutions. my 1999 goal for more water intake and less use of the f-word seems to have only worked with opposite fervor with each yearly re-commitment.

fuck that.

studio while i’m beaver eager to show mr. 2012 to the door, i feel like i could use a little nap first before ms. 2013 and i put our nikes in the starting blocks.

already she’s ready to see the town, and i still haven’t changed the linens from my last houseguest.

slow down ms. new year, i’m never getting these hours get back, i intend to savor each second and say “farewell” properly.


farewell to should have’s, could have’s, would have’s, if only i had had the right outfit, enough confidence, and a million dollars in the bank. hello to “hell yes!”

farewell to fatigue, hello to sidewalk skipping with the fury four legged beasts. 

farewell to saying “yes” when i really need to sleep instead.

farewell to the cell phone when i’m with my hunkiest {he should always get my undivided attention.}

farewell to double standards. both those i set for others, and those set on me. 

farewell to separation, hello to unification; we’re all pretty much fighting the same battle, just in different combat boots, with different artillery, and sometimes with a different looking enemy. but if you look around it’s all one big trench we’re living in. let’s love love each other, ok?

farewell to fear.

i leave you with one of my favorite songs of 2012: the thrill by miguel. i think it’s the perfect song for tonight m’loves:

gimme more! gimme more!!

and i, can’t wait,

and i, can’t wait,

 it’s the thrill i feel my heart beat race

 and i, can’t wait, can’t wait.

turn it up loud. i love you guys. be safe tonight.