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January 29, 2013

 established in 1900, in brooklyn, ny, the seafarer pant is a tried and true american garment. for close to 100 years the united states navy entrusted this iconic bell bottom shape to cover their soldiers legs.


seafarer has impacted fashion as well as our navy men. for over a century all sexes have adorned and adored this dap denim. 

 the who’s who in most chic has, at one time or another, sailored up in seafarer.  



my favorites from their 2013 spring line are the calypso, circe, lord jim, and penelope. i’m leaning heavily toward picking up the calypso.


YouTube Preview Image

french blogger extraordinaire garance doré has participated in these kitschy promotional videos launched in december {yes i’m always late to the fashion party} promoting seafarer’s 2013 launch spring at colette during the haute couture shows.

keep your noses clean and your jeans dry m’loves. 

tuesday happy to you.

yessir that’s my baby!

January 28, 2013

this last week was a baby jubilee!

hunkiest and i were doused in boy-baby madness with the arrival of two of our best friends’ handsome sons.


on thursday, rogan, aka “mr.smiles-while-breathing-sleeping-eating-and charming the pantaloons off all within a 20 foot vicinity,” came to stay with us for 5-tickle-me-happy days.

mmm. nothing like hearing a baby’s laugh first thing in the morning to throw bolts of rainbows into every atom of light you see. all weekend long i gulped in sparkle and the color pink, and i exhaled smiles and giggles.


 yesterday the happy parade continued. we finally, after waiting what i liken to feels like the strung-out interim between game of thrones seasons, but really was only, what nine months and 4 days?; we met the fine acquaintance of our new pal: 5-day-old-beckett.

i fell fast and hard for this itty bitty babe. i had zero chance. i’m a sucker for a man in raccoon pajamas….especially pajamas with feet. #allbetsareoff

i was like days-old mexican leftovers that needed to be thrown out, i had overstayed my welcome in the new parents’ home, but i could not keep my freshly-washed, anti-bacterial hands off THAT baby. 


the last 48 hours have been filled with a lot of “what if’s” and “ohmygoshhowamazingwouldthatbe’s?”, “could we really do it?”

and by “it”, i mean….going to thailand this summer. 

ugh….could this clock really be happening to me? 


January 23, 2013


so even after last weekend’s debauchery with pizza dough and all things mozzarella i have been able to-turn the beat around-gloria estafan style, and pony up on clean eating again.

although i’m sad to report, my celery-in-smoothie affection no longer holds court. i like my greens, but mr. celery is a bit too verdant, and “is that miracle-gro with my banana” for this girl’s i’ll-have-whipped-cream-with-my-gummi-bears taste buds. 

d9b03d52637611e28ad722000a9f1498_7 luckily i’ve committed to the pursuit of making the perfect bloody mary for spring. have you checked garden and gun’s newest issue? they say the secret to their perfect mary is barbecue bitters. do any of you have a stellar mary recipe you’re willing to share with me?

pretty please?


all week, i’ve been dreaming in the past. not nightmares really, but returning to times ago best left behind. rear-view mirrors can be dangerous if you forget to see the oncoming traffic ahead. i prefer the occasional glances back which help me stay grounded on my current road.

i’m paying attention to these visits to the past, but i’m keeping them there:

in the past. 


today’s “work” actually feels easy. there IS always a loving perspective; especially for others. even my so-called worst enemies {that sounds so lame} maybe some terrorist overseas i guess? even someone like that, i can always cultivate major love and warmth for. truly.

it’s the self-kindness that sucks. aaah! the doubt. the unworthiness that creeps into almost everything i do or say.

trying to treat ‘that’ with love is definitely my battle. my albatross. my peanut butter jar in the pantry. 

talk about a wednesday confessional to you m’loves. how many “our fathers” and “hail mary’s” shall i say?



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