the blueprint of a hairwash

February 22, 2013


so tuesday’s dilemma of whether to nap or wash my hair ambled into a wednesday and thursday pickle as well. with sleep work winning out each time. 

my mop is now it’s own california state university, equipped with a zoology and botany lab, and its own campus living. tours start at 8am. mascot{s} are varying types of mites and critters. no football team, but a fierce, intra-mural, badminton squad. 


but today that will all go away. i have made time to evict the filth and university community. whether it be a dunk in a nearby drinking fountain or full-fledged recline in the ocean, i will get thee hair to water.

and that’s pretty much how it goes down: water, shampoo and water again. ever since i stopped the strict veganism, my hair has lost it’s mr. ed qualities i was experiencing in the fall.


although i love the idea of throwing on masks, potions and tonics for extra shiny lock winsomeness, i get extra wiggly with unfruitful time spent. i’d rather eat the fruit. 

 this is the whole squeeze of the hair wash: if i feel like i can’t multi-task {twitching ensues.} there is rarely a repeat or a 2 + minute wait time with product…i’m lucky if the ants in my pants allow me a rinse. 


i do enjoy drying me hair.


and voila! a coiffure of razzle-dazzle. hello weekend! 


  • No doubt your hair is looking lovely! Hope to see it in person soon!!
    xo Mary Jo

  • A really easy one I've been doing for years is just hair oil. It's convenient in several ways: you can do other things while it's on and it's not extremely messy (i have nightmare stories about egg whites), it basically forces you to wash it, and you don't have to condition because that's done for you! Also, your second paragraph definitely made me giggle a whole bunch.

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