9 days

March 12, 2013

sick9 full days now of “influenza.”

my doctor won’t call it the flu, he insisted on repeating the above, four syllabic, flowery, italian sounding word for my week plus, bed-ridden affliction. i’m not sure if this was his way of getting me to lie low: dress it up in a fancy name to get me sign up for the bed rest?

it worked. i have been a patient patient, and tomorrow i return to full duty. but i think i need a handicap pass; for body and for brain.

my stairway does feel like it’s taking me to heaven, each tread gets higher and steeper every time i climb back up to bed.

my head is a tacky, christmas snow globe with a mountain-dew nutritioned child trying to make the glitter shake harder! harder! harder in my face!

i have fever hang-over. too much light, too-fast movement, or too-complex of thought re-singes little tinders of burn on my brain. 

my fever carried such hallucinations and shakes, saturday night when hunkiest and i rented “life of pi,” my movie experience was in its full 3-D splendor causing me to flit, sweat, swat at my talking pajamas, runaway from the sofa who growled, and belly laugh at my fleece blanket’s stand-up routine. 

i hope for mankind’s sake i was still hallucinating on sunday when i “dreamt” i was watching a new bravotv reality series entitled “vanderpump rules;” i may take to bed for the rest of the year if it proves these people really do exist in real life. 

so there it is. that’s where i’ve been. did i miss anything? i must say, the week-plus break from social media, email, etc. although somewhat forced has been kind of nice.

tuesday love to you.

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