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the age of miracles

March 22, 2013


talk to me.

who has read the age of miracles by karen thompson walker? 

i was knocked off my axis {pun intended} by this apocalyptic, coming of age novel. 

not a page-turner nor action packed, and tis definitely not a witty, dialogue driven, or even prosey work; i like reads where i savor sentences like i would bites of homemade pasta doused in farm-fresh butter; holding it on my tongue for a linger before i consume it completely. 

the age of miracles lured me, and still haunts me post-finish, with its straight forward communication of a disaster seen through the eyes of a 12-year-old. 

karen thompson walker has created a situation so horrifically real, {and extremely close to home–the novel is pretty much set in my county,} but never with any outlandish, hollywood touches that make it unbelievable or of out of touch.

although i wasn’t a giant fan of lovely bones i can see why the two are getting compared. both have pre-teen narrators, and both novels are extremely melancholy.

the few people i have chatted with about the age of miracles have given it mixed reviews. jody thought it was “really fascinating,” but her husband found it “incredibly depressing.” i couldn’t agree more with both of these statements.

i told my friend linda she should read it on her vacation to the bahamas. it definitely is a beach read. but you might want to walk into the ocean and drown yourself.

“the age of miracles:” a book review by katie.

any recommendations for what i should read next?

judges ruling…….

March 21, 2013

with all of this wretched “up an inch, down an inch” i’ve been committing to of late, i plan to have my legs peacocky for spring.

i’ve decided to reward myself with a new pair of nekkid-shaded flats.

typically i eschew the flat like i scoff at beets on my plate or axe murders on parole; both give me pause.

beets because, well because they taste like earthworms, flats because there’s no heel to support my feeble, inept foot. hence the name “flats,” and paroled ax-murderers because, well, the neighborhood is already crowded as it is.

but i’m hoping all of the relevés i’ve been powering through in class will make for a happier hoof; befit for a nude flat.

so help me choose m’loves. which of these do you think is best suited for katie?

 shall i go preppy and conservative with the newberry suede ballet flat from splendid. this screams cardigan and pearls,; both of which stuff my closet. i’m not one to really offend or shock people with my fashion. i save that for the things that come out of my mouth so this non-offensive shoe beckons my people pleasing personality. 


i’m kind of diggin’ this elizabeth and james pax peep toe flat. the only thing is, i have given up on painting my toes. like meditation and getting 8-9 hours of sleep, the pedicure {even the self-given} has seem to evaporate from my life. my toes aren’t gargoyle level, but compared to all the fancy-nancys around here, my polish-free toes look rather orphanage.

michaeland then there are these michael kors tullah mixed leather flats. i’m such a sucker for patent leather. even in nude it still looks like it’s been dipped in lip gloss. i like a little bit of a heel to help with my les miserables arches, but there’s that stinking peep toe again.

tkeesspeaking of nuding up. i did just buy these tkees flip-flops at my favorite local boutique doll. i love them so. they’re the perfect flipper for spring and summer.

so what’s your call?

which pair will best pretty up my dancing, spring feet? 

currently diggin”

March 20, 2013

here are a few of the latest novelties greasing my squeaky wheels.


ok. typically i’m good at always having my toolkit loaded; although not a costco member i do backstock most of my household and beauty items so that i’m never in a crispy crunch running around the house searching for paper towels {which we are only allowed to use in an emergency-but that’s a whole ‘nother post.}

so it was very unlike me to run out of face soap two weeks ago, where i found myself using shampoo, which we know NEVER gets any love around here, instead.

not up to schlepping it to the mall, i scurried over to my grocery store {mother’s market} and discovered the best wash for my dirty mug…..and my face.

john masters organics rose foaming wash is such a great find. just the scent alone is worth buying. but it’s the solid, sudsy lather that i find so damn satisfying when i wash the day off of my face. i know! i know! i know the non-lathering soaps get me just as clean, but psychologically i want to see bubbles damn it.

bubbles aplenty, all organic, AND the bottle is recyclable. yay me.


another new obsession is definitely a product i now slot in the holy grail category. soapwalla’s deodorant cream is hands and feet down the best deodorant on the market.

i hope most of you are like me and wary of mainstream deodorants and anti-perspirants. the ingredients in most of these products read like a who’s who at a disease causing toxin and chemical convention. the aluminum and parabens that make up most deodorants have been linked to breast cancer, alzheimer’s disease, and kidney cancer.

i’ll pass.

soapwalla is so natural  {also vegan & cruelty free} it’s safe enough to eat. but please don’t, that would be kind of gross. made with vegetable powders, clays, peppermint and tea-tree oils, this easy to apply “frosting” is colorless, keeps you dry, and makes your underarms smell like they went to the dentist even after your sweatiest bikram session. for both men and women, you need to stop what you are doing and immediately order this stuff now.


and i cannot get enough of this song! damn, mister timberlake you git me. my classes are certainly going to be getting a lot of this tune. 

save for the song, all of these products and many other recommendations are on my luvocracy site. if you haven’t signed up for luvocracy yet, check it out. it’s the shopper’s guide to pinterest. i was even interviewed by them last month. i’m officially a “fitness pundit,”—–how cool is that? 

so there it is: my mid-march madness picks. 

what are you currently diggin’ m’loves?

~all photos by me

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