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lusting spring…..

April 22, 2013

my spring wantonness is in full, top gun, need for speed effect.

everywhere i look i see pink, lilac, and hydrangea needing their proper debutante balls.

who am i fooling?

I!!!!!! want my spring coming out party!!!!!!

here are a few items i think may enhance my seasonal entrance:


 my catbird nyc twisted stacked ring wedding band is, hands up in the air, swear to god, the number item i wear that gets the most compliments. at least once a week someone remarks on my sweet, delicate ring.

catbird makes some of the most unique jewelry in country.

this “watermelon”ring made from rose cut tourmaline is no different. it is the perfect spring accessory. isabell

me-thinks this isabel marant frock is the perfect garb to welcome in the warmer, california weather {and my birthday}.

à non?glassesthese han kjobenhavn sunglasses are the most delightful shades to keep the sunny, coastal skies out of my aging peepers.



and in the words of destiny’s child, this jil sander apron dress says my name, says my name, says. my. name.

although i’m those zebras eating her feet are making my eyes bleed.

lave (1 of 1)i much prefer these gatsby-like robert clergie brogues for pimm’s cups in the garden under parasols and gazebos.


and i’m absolutely flipping for this kate young dress for Target. i originally saw it last week on ITG, and fell in mad, 7th grade obsessive, stalky-love. i’m leaving it a note in its locker after 3rd period. #wannagosteady

spring training….

April 18, 2013

spring training is finally in full effect. 

my clients and students are feeling the burn from new choreography and level-up advancement {hello thera-bands}, but my own studio time has been nil.

luckily i have “home” equipment to get me ready for that brazilian thong i wear all summer long. 

lave (1 of 1)-2

my sweet baby, jones, keeps my form baryshnikov precise, as i pump out back attitudes in the kitchen. 

he also makes the perfect height for a ballet bar. and large-sized boulder if we were to ever need one. 

lave (1 of 1)-3

priscilla isn’t one for standing. or working. or helping for that matter.

she’s prefers just to be adored.

luckily i can do that, AND my seated pretzel.

we both win. 

what new ways are you getting your spring training in m’loves? 

and if you really believe i wear a brazilian thong…..this is obviously your first time to my blog….welcome. 

and if you like the fact i may wear one….this probably isn’t the site for you.

happy thursday.


when my own words fail me…

April 16, 2013

last night, sick with sadness, i climbed into the tub, and opened, still chilly from the doorstep delivery, my most recent purchase from amazon: joan didion’s slouching towards bethlehem. too adrenalizing for my insomniac brain, her word combo-bites and sentence ragouts are my cocaine. yet a short story or two in the bathtub is counselor approved.

as i tried to escape from the horror on t.v. and my computer, smack! right between my eyes, and on the first page of my used, torn up, diet pepsi-stained copy: a 1921 poem from w.b. yeats re-awakening me to the truth that these loathsome events aren’t new, nor are our human reactions. 


“the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.”

yes and no.

at my core, i’m an optimist.

even though i defriended 4 people yesterday on facebook for their obtuse and ignorant comments/status updates; the bulk of everyone is unified in a positive, supportive, loving way.

boston we love you.

~photo taken by me
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