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April 12, 2013

wednesday night in yoga, our, always, prophetic teacher, nicolette david, reminded us that everything we are feeling is just really a reflection of the energy we are sending out into the world. 

this morning i woke up still high from the fumes of this aphorism. -1

 i feel these words every day; they are visceral. the same way my pants are somatically unyielding from the entire pint of mediterranean mint talenti gelato i inhaled last night to tranquillize this week’s episode of “what the fuck am i doing with my life?


but back to nicolette’s wise prudence: if we want to receive love, we must whole-heartedly forgive. 

i can attest. that little nugget of wisdom works miracles. my life has vastly improved by sending happy, honest, new-agey, let’s buy some gemstones and wear turquiose, loving energy to people who have hurt me in the past. no, i don’t need to go have christmas with, or text them happy-faced emoticons, but just the act of forgiveness within my own heart is freeing. and so much better for the planet to not have that ugly, bitter ugly within my person. 

tumblr_mdjdkspikW1rl8nhmo1_500so i’m taking my own magnifying glass to what’s been shoving me, head first, into multiple jars of nutzo and various pints of ice cream?

my emotional eating is at an all-time, after school special high. 

i need a change. and it’s not just more face-framing layers in my hair.


i’m constantly thirsty for inspiration, and i’m easily impressed. 

so this shouldn’t be hard. 

i like to do things my way, although i do love it when my peeps dance to their own drummer; as do i. 

yesterday in coreplay i had a student ask me if i studied modern dance as a kid {for those friends who didn’t grow up with me, you have NO idea how funny this question is–kristin? kayli? sunny?} i’ve never taken a dance class in my life, although i’ve been known to break out into “interpretive” dance in grocery store lines and at mormon funeral services. 

so. if i want change. i must mix shit up. not play it so scaredy cat safe. 

what about you m’loves? what do you want more of in your life? what do you need to put out, to reflect back? 

  • Retreat to a mountain. Find what you need and are there without the worry for innocent bystanders to the process… ;).

    • goodniteirene

      sounds delicious…i just might need to do it…

  • I have been in such a gross funk the past two days. I know that it's my attitude and not my situation/circumstances/enviornment (because all of those things make me pretty damn lucky and fortunate), but I still can't push it off. I'm counting my "blessings" and realizing that the problem is nothing other than ME, but that doesn't seem to be enough for me to get out from under this. What is wrong with me. Blegh.

    In any case, your blog is helping and so is yoga, and I hope that your mixing gets you where you need to go 🙂

    • goodniteirene

      i don't think you're the problem. i think it's this messed up world where we've been taught that we ALWAYS have to BE happy or there's something wrong with us…it's ok to be "flat" or "sad." this is part of the human existence…
      love you ari.

  • I have been in the same funk! I think part of it has to do with the winter that just won't seem to go away that has been followed by 5 straight days of rain… but it might be (and really, who am I kidding, truly is) that I need to find something to do to fill the void that has grown since I stopped working. I need a creative outlet, and I don't think zoning out on pinterest is going to cut it.

    As a girl who holds grudges, I like your idea of setting all that anger free. Gonna have to do some "self-work" the next few weeks to clear out the clutter for spring.

    xo, Kristin

    PS — I've missed you!

    • goodniteirene

      so great to hear from you!!
      would you please start blogging again…please!!! you were one of my favorites….
      loved your little nuggets of sunshine….{pun intended} from chicago.

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