it’s been a bee-hive, busy may.

this month i might have promised too many honey pots, so i’m looking forward to a slower, more languid, mint juleps in the afternoon, chased with a pre-supper siesta, sort of summer.


for the next three months my tuition is paid-in-full for the academy of living well and happy:

good people, fury beasts, strong coffee, books, and music for dancing.


wind-swept hair, sandy feet, and the subtle smell of coconut lotion, still fragrant in the evening, index finger me in. 


soon my annual cowboy junkies will permeate the house with their bluesy sound, crooning the june bugs and jasmine plants out to play. 

miss summer will be here any second. 

i’m on my tippy toes with anticipation.


so how about you m’loves?

are you game?

are you ready to dip into summer’s pool of recess and respite?

last one in is a rotten egg.