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June 12, 2013


so my friend mary jo rightly placed me in a time out for last week’s tantrum regarding my desire to pack up my lovely beach life for farm living in the midwest.

she made clear to me how much i do love my house, neighborhood, and the people in my community, whom i adore so much i practically need restraints; my gushing sometimes leaves bruises and broken bones on the people i idolize. 

so forget the real estate agent, find me a travel agent.

apparently i just need a vacation.


it’s been since november since i’ve taken any time off for leisure, and by golly i’ve earned it.

so this august i’m planning to take a giant, juicy, my legs get stiff and sore from all of the sleeping, week off.

now i just need to decide where to go.


savannah is definitely in the running. so is charleston, and i think i want to rent a house rather than stay in a hotel. 

does anyone have any experience with that? i’ve never done it before.


i’ve been eyeing this cozy cabin in the smoky mountains of tennessee. it’s equipped with a creek, pond, and barn to complete my farmer’s wife fantasy.

one week here and i’m sure i’ll exorcise any appetite for rural living, or…..who knows? maybe i’ll come back on horseback rather than plane.


the outer banks are definitely in the running. ever since i read the anne rivers siddons’ 9th grade, rite of passage novel, i’ve been obsessed with getting myself to the eastern shore. i have this fantasy that my fancy for one-pieced bathing suits and all things madra will not look so out of place here. 


maine has always been on my wish list too. i would stay in this spot all day long….i’d just have to find a place to plug in my coffee maker….


is there anywhere else you can suggest? somewhere the night air is hot, one-piece bathing suits are the norm, and people don’t have their cell phones on the dinner tables?


oh…and it has to be somewhere i’ve never been before.

where do you want to go this summer? 

  • I've been to the Earstern Shore a few times and it is all that and more. They even have fireflies!!!

    • goodniteirene

      i could use some fireflies in my life….you'd think with all of the money in newport beach we could import some effing fireflies…

  • I'm so glad you are taking a vacaction!!! I can't think of anyone who deserves one more! I just got an email about how they've opened up Sable Island to a limited number of people, it's so high on my wish list, I can't even express. But doubtful there's any type of 4 star amenities there. What about getting a place where Alabama Chanin lives, I think it's Florence Alabama – check out her website, she is one of my biggest inspirations, and friends with Billy R. etc. if nothing else, you will have some amazing southern food!

    xo Mary Jo

  • Niloofar

    Go glamping in Montana! You will LOVE

    • goodniteirene

      i'm hoping for some montana in the fall or maybe next spring….hopefully big sky or bozeman…i've heard it's heavenly…like you.

  • I know PRECISELY how you feel. I'm longing for an escape and I'm not sure if I just need an escape and an adventure or if I really need to flat out move. That said, if you end up somewhere lovely and want to rent a house and want a vacation mate, do let me know. I'm open to anything new. My heart is aching so badly for it. At the top of my list right now is Savannah and St. Augustine. But I may need Big Sur or the Pacific Northwest… We'll see where I end up. (Cali is in my future for early September, fyi.)

    • goodniteirene

      i think we've settled on maine….but i forgot about st. augustine..
      i love big sur so much…it's a different world. magic happens in big sur.

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