comfortably numb

July 2, 2013


the fourth of july celebration started early last week.

although highly illegal, my neighborhood prides itself on the loudest, most shrieking, south of the border, let’s go to the emergency room fireworks.

year after year i painstakingly explain to priscilla the harmlessness in the booms, pops, and squeals of the various piccolo petes and crackers of fire, but the girl can’t help herself.

one launch of a blackmatch bengal fire and she’s under my shirt, in my bra {which in itself is the size of a teacup,} burrowing her flaxen-haired body into my sternum for a place to hide.

sunday night i found the poor, unglued baby wedged behind a toilet chewing on her tail and catching up hunkiest’s latest sport’s illustrated.

priscilla, i feel your anguish. let me, at least, find you an IN-STYLE.


well yesterday i decided enough was enough. i phoned my dealer our vet, and got my girl some tranquilizers. 

talk about where have you been all of my life? priscilla popped one pill and it was peaceful, easy, feeling through all four of her paws.

that girl was feeling no pain, no anxiety, no gravity, no use of her tongue or limbs. 

she threw on some pink floyd, flipped on my lava lamp, and drew rainbows with that half-eaten tail.

the neighborhood fireworks were especially loud and black market last night.

but i’m pretty sure i heard priscilla giggle and watched her bob that head side to side as our house shook from the blasts. 


after an all-nighter of checking for an hourly pulse, breath, and pupil dilation, my girl seems unaffected by her evening in andy warhol’s loft.

myself? i’m a little sleepy. i’m thinking of changing general practitioners…..i have a call into my vet to see if he’s taking new patients. i really like his program.

wishing you a tranquil tuesday m’loves…..

  • Linzrichard

    I was going to offer you some if Parker’s! You may try a half dose (if its acepromazine) and see if she responds…even that knocks our lightweight delicate flower out for hours!

    • goodniteirene

      i hope parker wasn't too badly affected….my brother's poor dog died in the most tragic accident imaginable on fourth of july night….i can't even talk about it…

  • Years ago, I was applying for an apartment and the new landlord insisted on my 2 Westies passing an "interview". The dogs normally acted like spider monkeys on meth. But I had some tranquilizers left over from a plane ride…..
    They loll and nodded off like contented little Keith Richards after a nice shot of horse! The landlord complimented me on how incredible we'll behaved and quiet they were….so unusual for Westies!

    We got the apartment….both dogs did a stint at Betty Ford.

    Have you ever seen "Thunder Jackets" for the nervous Miss Priscilla? Suppose to help with nervous dogs.

  • Kristin

    Poor little Pup! We've been relatively quiet so far, but I'm sure the big booms will start tonight and last through the weekend. I haven't tried tranquilizers for fireworks, but we do it for long car trips and it is hilarious watching our poor Lulu in the back of the car all "zen-ed" out. I wish I had that for road trips!

    • goodniteirene

      it was awful here on the fourth…my brother's dog ended up dying in a tragic accident due to fireworks…so awful…..i hope lulu managed ok…

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