eating my words…..

July 31, 2013


so yeah. what-ev…i’ll have a little salsa with my earlier words.

i’ll dunk ’em and chew ’em up, red-faced, catholic school girl ashamed at my bravado and disrespect for my native state.

my home. 

buzzfeed’s column, “why california is the most beautiful state in the country,” censured me like an elbow to the ribcage.

i take back my earlier post, califorina.

i love you dearly. 

here are just a handful of the 32 images of why california is the most beautiful place state in the world country. 


mcway falls in big sur.


redwood national forest.


the lave tube caves in tule lake.


and my most favorite: monterey. 

the entire slideshow can be found here.

tell me m’loves, both my california dwellers and visitors, what is your favorite spot in the golden state?

  • Judy Brower Fancher

    In my own house with my beautiful husband and my adorable kitties. And also overlooking Big Corona.

    • goodniteirene

      i love your answer..i think you may be right….

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