so maine and i have an eight day courtship beginning tomorrow.

i have never been to maine.

i haven’t planned a thing other than our house, which is an exhale away from the ocean.

do you have any suggestions or tips to make our trip unforgettable?


fair warning: hunkiest and i don’t make the most adventurous of wonder twin power heroes. 

when we were in costa rica we left our hotel once, and that was to go back to the airport on our way home. the only zip-line i rode was the elevator to the spa, and the only rainforest i saw was an unfortunate gentleman in dire need of a wax, sunning himself and his “forest” at the pool….i ended drinking A LOT that afternoon. #myeyes

therefore, while i appreciate any suggestions for sightseeing please keep in mind that our version of kayaking is taking a photo of the kayak in front of the pretty lake….maybe wearing a cute kayak outfit….but don’t actually expect either of us tools to get in the actual watercraft.


for example, i may not actually ride the boat, but damn it, i’ll wear the boat shoes…if they flatter my japanese legs.


just like there are trans-gendered {hello chelsea!} souls, i believe there are also people who are trans-coastal.

although i was born and raised in southern california, and i do love her so, i am convinced i am an east coaster trapped in the body, house and life of a west coast girl.

i dream in seersucker and shingle.

instead of hormone replacement therapy i’m ingesting the madras cocktail and cod.

DCF 1.0

one thing i do not eat is lobster.

apparently this little monster is like prom king in maine.

 i’m hoping to find some sugary substitutions.


my intent is to go forehead to forehead with miss atlantic ocean; her no-nonsense, salty, sea, air– a strong detox to the hippy-dippy california la-la living of the last few months, will hopefully help me clear out some excess luggage, and maybe even ditch a trailer or two…


so ready or not here i come. head first, into a week of ocean-side, northeast living.

my happy can’t be contained.

thursday lovely to you.