hello shiny, happy people!

welcome to another addition of “friday i’m in love,” where i share with you the little and BIG things making my heart go pitter-patter.

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 we all know i’m a sucker for a handwritten note, even on a post-it…my beloved friend, john perasco, not only wrote me a note, but included a present with it! {competitive much john?}

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let me introduce my new favorite cosmetic: diamond dog moondust from urban decay. you all know what an urban decay fan i am….but i’m sending flowers and getting matching tattoos with this eyeshadow.

it makes for the best smoky eye. so often kohl liner or felt tip pin eyeliner end up on my cheeks and chin, they’re so short-lasting. these urban decay shadows have superglue staying power and give you a non-stripper like sparkle.

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this rvca shawl goes everywhere with me; it’s the perfect transition piece in this wonky, bi-polar weather we’ve been having here in southern california.

over jeans, over a dress, or my workout gear {those studios are always TOO cold,} this shawl matches everything and keeps me warm.


our new house phone.

can’t we all agree that, yes technology is lovely, and most of us would rather go to work naked than leave the house without our smartphones, but sometimes newer is not necessarily better.

i have never met a cordless phone i’ve liked, let alone wanted to talk on.

and even though i’m not much of a phone talker, this new purchase {on ebay} makes me want to cuddle up for hours on my bed, where i simultaneously pop bubble gum, twirl this cord of turquoise, and listen in silence to the new cyndi lauper album with my best friend on the other end


i know i already instagrammed this on wednesday, but i can’t emphasize enough how back-flip crazy i am for these numi organic savory teas.

flavors of carrot curry, spinach chive, and tomato mint deliver a delicious, “savory,” green tea experience.

this is the first beverage to give my late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening coffee, and middle of the night coffee klutches a run.

like fellow blogger estelle pointed out, these are hard to find in the markets, but i threw an order into amazon and found them cheap, with more variety in flavors.

weekend happy to you m’loves; wishing you days of doubled-over laughter, hugs that linger, and smiles that follow you as your head hits the pillow.

see you on the other side of sunday.