sweat for karma

November 20, 2013


tonight i am sweating for karma at villa pilates and yoga.

brought together by infused fitness who is founded on the belief that “the value of a healthy community can inspire a multitude of happy lives.”

i’m hoping with a combination of pilates, yoga, barre-work, and a dash of silly, we can infuse a little more play and kindness into our own lives; and share this positivity with those outside the studio walls.


my coreplay® classes are built on the philosophy that “playtime” should be taken very seriously. sure we sweat, burn and toil, but all under the guise of finding bliss in our burn and smiles through our sweat.


this is a donation class where all of the money will be put toward infusing fitness and nutrition into low-income areas for families and children.


i hope to see you there…class starts at 6:15pm.

love always, katie

  • It sounds great and for such a good cause! I’m off for my weekly night hike with my salt creek tribe or else i’d try and make it 🙂

    xo Mary Jo

    • i saw those photos! seriously? night hike? how pretty is that!!!

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