in the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. 

~Margaret Atwood


so if i haven’t said it before i’ll repeat it again:

i LOVE springtime.

it’s my favorite time of year.

i’m such a sucker for renewal, rebirth, possibility—you’d think all that catholicism would have stuck?

 i’m rob ford crack-pipe crazy for this season of pastel pink and easter bonnet gingham….i get high on star jasmine and the neon yellow of peeps cheerfully perking up the grocery aisle.

would i, or have i ever eaten a peep?


but i like their look.

maybe it’s the eternal optimist in me, the part that believes that every spinach salad i eat has a four-leaf clover, tucked away, hidden, in at least one bite, but these happy, hopeful fumes of spring help keep me afloat on my magic carpet, where every side is the bright side, all year-round.


i’m constantly bombarding, heckling, aka bugging the shit out of my students with the following question:

“what is working for you?”

hoping, that instead of laser-focusing on the burn in their quads, the scuba-like shortness of breath, and the clock that seems to have grinded to a halt every time we hit an interval, they’ll hone in on how strong they feel or how far they’ve come in the last six months.

i ask them to re-evaluate what is working and to ditch anything, especially the negative, wasted mental energy that isn’t serving them.


i go through a similar self-appraisement.

what is working for me?

so much.

…but my parents taught me it’s impolite to brag.


the gunk that isn’t working is starting to fix itself out….

for me to live my best life, i have to find the fun…even if it’s just me, at 6am with the early birds, coffee in our water bottles, the moon still in the sky, we find the beat, we find the fun, in one dark room, on spin bikes, we dance our faces off.


certain chapters will close, new stories will start…

that is what spring is for.

what will be your spring story?

more of  mine to come…

happy spring m’loves.