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friday morning fabulous to you m’loves!

it’s been 7-plus days of spoil city, population: katie.

the birthday is officially over.

my cup runneth so over i had to dash out to ikea and buy a new set.

thank you all for the birthday love.

thirty-eight seems to have unpacked her bags, settled in, and taken three closet shelves.

already my body feels older, slower to heal from my workouts, less energetic, and more inclined to linger in the tub.


a gift of jasmine bath oil hasn’t helped to dampen the flames of this bathroom romance.

it’s one of the many of my friday love’s.


keeping focus with my feet, let’s move on to my new sandals:

of late i’ve been living in these bio sandals from zara.

they’re my asian answer to the birkenstock; super comfortable and normcore chic enough to get me passed the velvet rope at any party in silicon valley.


like the sunny, windy, capricious weather we’ve been having, i’m enjoying this silly, LIGHT{!}, fun, easy read by wilton barnhardt.

this past winter i felt like reading was so dark, heavy and hard.

i read with a bedside table crammed full of razor blades, ambien, and see’s candies for comfort.

i am ready to be entertained, and to not have to think….done + done….kind of like dating in my twenties.

 the kyogo remix of kyla la grange’s “cut your teeth” is blowing up my spotify account, and will be making an appearance on saturday’s playlist.

priscilla and i have dance-party approved its moody, sexy {why do i hate that word so much?} electro, london after-hours vibe.

another single from the yet released  “cut your teeth” album worth checking out is “knife;” another good one for spin class.


so take THAT friday!


mamma {katie} said knock you out!

wishing you a weekend of favorites and knock outs!

love to you my favorites, see you on the other side of sunday…

oh, and speaking of mammas….happy mother’s day mom!