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summer lovin’

June 20, 2014


so with tomorrow being the official start of summer i thought i’d share with you some of my favorite summer must-haves.

not that i’m into a full-made up, kardashian face during the rest of the year, but during summer i try to pare down the make-up and hair even more.

basically my look goes from “homeless lady” to “homeless lady with tousled, beach hair.

how pared down?

i even stop painting my toes.

i try to tell myself this has nothing to do with my laziness and inability to sit still letting them dry, and IS because i prefer a more bare, summer look.

plus who has the time to sit in a nail chair for an hour during the summer?

i don’t know about you, but if i have a free hour it’s not going to be arguing my ethnicity with a nail tech.

to the ladies at finest nails: for the 10,000’th time!!! i swear to god i am japanese…not vietnamese!

i think my grandparents would know.

here are a couple of my summer essentials:


for years i’ve lived and died by my elta sunscreen. if ever i had to make the choice between my smokin’ hot hubby and my elta….well, let’s just say it’s been a beautiful nine years honey.

but a couple of months ago i was given a sample of this suntegrity sunscreen.

elta who?

it literally is a three-in-one wonder: moisturizer, sunblock, & primer; and it smells heavenly.

cruelty free, vegan, and rated #1 by the EWG for safety, suntegrity sunscreen also protects, calms, & soothes skin with yummy ingredients like green tea, cucumber, & pomegranate.

this sunscreen is also spin class proof. i can wear it in a room full of hot, sweaty, fellow psychopaths, and it never burns my eyes.

don’t be discouraged by the initial whiteness of the application…it completely disappears when rubbed in.

i’m also addicted to suntegrity’s self-tanner.

super subtle with no funky smell; i put it on before i go to sleep and wake up looking very, well-rested…aka less like a crack-head.


my name is katie and i’m sea salt spray-aholic.

some girls have to buy a new bikini every summer, with me it’s sea salt-spray for my hair.

ever since my first bottle of bumble & bumble’s surf spray {a brand i do NOT recommend} with its ocean scent and its promises of a johnny utah/point break i was sold.

each year i test a new bottle……..okay sometimes multiple bottles.

but i always keep stock of john masters organics sea mist.

it’s like a hot, laguna beach girl trapped in a bottle, waiting to escape and unleash her sultry magic on your hair.


a couple of sprays to your dry mop and your hair’s all: “hey muthafuckas, let’s go build some sand castles with our sexy.”

or at least that’s what i tell myself.

as i sit at home on a friday night.

on the couch.

reading highlights magazine and eating copious amounts of talenti gelato.

with sea salt spray in my hair.



just the heady jasmine-mimosa-scented combo bite of odacitè’s jasmine mimosa body scrub is enough to throw down your amex card.

typically scrubs & washes smell lovely, but the joyfulness of whatever fragrance you’re paying for rinses down the drain.

not in the case of this dull skin remover.

a certified organic company, all of odacitè‘s products are vegan and cruelty-free, but medical grade effective.

their night-time serum is a game face changer.

but right now i’m loving crazy on this hardworking scrub that leaves my elbows and knees baby soft, and smelling savannah-sweet.


in the summertime i also like to switch to kai deodorant.

a cult-favorite fragrance, it’s a little oxymoronic to associate such a beautiful scent with deodorant, but kai is awesome.

like all of my other products listed it, too, is all-natural, vegan and cruelty free, without aluminum and other harmful, nasty chemicals.

it makes me laugh when i get complimented on how nice i smell, and i have to divulge, “it’s my deodorant.”


 so i showed you mine…what are some of yours?

any summer essentials you’d like us to know about?

wishing you a weekend of shaved-ice, sandy toes, and flip-flop clod feet {nail polish not required.}




thoughts on a thursday morning….

June 19, 2014


even though, calendar-wise, we’re still technically in spring, around here the neighborhood air is coconut suncreen-scented, and beach-cruisers outnumber bmw’s.

summer has arrived.

here are some other undeniable things happening in my world:


berries are abundant.

it’s no secret to you m’loves that i’ve been having fun with these sweet, mouth-watering candies.

i’m still doing my strawberry water and our backyard bush is on its very last bloom.

but i just stumbled across this summer berry PUDDING and i am an obsessed catnipped kitten.

have you even heard of “berry pudding”!?!

that’s like the best two words EVER coming together and having a baby.

like: prada sale, cheese plate, pre-nup, or phen-fen….

maybe one of my culinary readers will venture a make of this delicious recipe…

for now i’m just going to fantasize about berry pudding.


one should never underestimate the power of puppy breath.

even if you’re a cat person, i dare you to find yourself a pup, and not be boiled over with giggles and oxytocin.

and stay out of the pet stores…so many shelters are teeming with adorable puppies needing volunteers for walks and companionship; just an hour a week can make a difference in your mood.

i dare you.

AND if this video of a puppy litter’s first swim doesn’t cure your summertime blues maybe you should just switch to barbiturates in your green smoothie.


speaking of mind-altering substances….gotta give a big shout out to my newest supporter.

thanks granny.


and not that you need a reminder, but they still install “wash your hands” signs in restrooms.

yesterday i had a migraine that gave waterboarding a run for its tortuous money.

i wanted to call in “pissy” to work, but it was too late to find a sub.

instead i walked around for the first part of my morning with my headache as the center of my universe; expecting the rest of the universe to act accordingly.

it took effort for me to be kind.

i did need a reminder, and got one.


a student….going through pain herself, not a migraine, but just as raw; something i could unfortunately share in the experience of.

loving on her and trying to show her kindness actually made me forget about my stupid head; all i felt was love and compassion even though i was so sad for her.

we are never alone; even in our pain.

sometimes, often times, sharing or focusing on the fact that there are others who are feeling just as bad as us, and can use support, is often the remedy we need to solve our own crisis.

at least that’s how it seems to work for me…


so there are my thursday thoughts.

wishing you a day full of puppy kisses, sunny skies worthy of coconut sunscreen, and the gift of feeling compassion for someone else.



strawberries: a recipe!

June 10, 2014

straw (1 of 1)

strawberry season is here.

the markets are ibiza dance-club crowded with this tummy-pleasing summer berry; one of my favorite foods since days of the spoon-fed pureé.

i invariably have to buy an extra basket for the car ride home; there’s no such thing as me and self-control when it comes to fresh, in-season, strawberries.

i feel a duty to provide so much more for my strawberries, than just the meager rinse and pop straight in to my mouth..{sometimes even forgoing the wash i’m so lazy and impatient.}

 pinterest, and its vortex of photo inspiration, feeds my moral obligation to commission something grander than just a chew and swallow for said, sweet berry.

for a moment i was inspired to go healthy with this pretty smoothie; i’m such a sucker for anything pink, and then for a split second, with the coercion of gorgeous photography, i talked myself into making this elegant tart.

such lofty aspirations were quickly abandoned upon reading the recipe. directions such as “roll the dough into a short, fat sausage circumference,” let me know to return back to my pay grade of opening up “capri suns” and checker-boarding pre-cut salami and mozzarella for super bowl parties.

but the white {ok–half-white}, tee-rash, hillbilly in me pounced on this strawberry pretzel salad like a hoarder ambushes the costco aisles.

it’s got everything good in life:

sugar =✓

butter = ✓

cool whip = ✓

strawberry flavored gelatin = ✓

“frozen” strawberries in “SYRUP” = ✓✓

and salty pretzles!!=✓

it’s like christmas in june!

instead of new, white jeans, i can just get diabetes.

bottle (1 of 1)

luckily, for my pancreas, just as i was about to run out to buy my “gelatin,” this article on using strawberry tops to flavor your water popped up.

a strawberry recipe where the only other ingredient i needed was water!?!?

move over christmas, it’s my fucking birthday!

it couldn’t be easier: chop off the tops of your strawberries..eat the berry, and put the rest in your water bottle.

fill it up with water, let it chill for an hour or so…and voila: delicious strawberry, flavored water.

better than any lemon, cucumber, mint stuff i’ve used before, and best of all it’s actually getting me to drink the water i’m so awful at consuming.

thumbs (1 of 1)

a thumb’s up indeed.

even hunkiest was impressed with my “cooking”.

the strawberries stay fresh for a couple of days as long as you keep them refrigerated…

lemme know if you try it.

happy hydration m’loves!


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