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January 26, 2015

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as you can see i can’t keep this under wraps {or hidden beneath baggy shirts} any longer.

hunkiest, jones, priscilla and i will be welcoming the newest family member in april.

we have discovered a new definition for joy.

although this has been a formidable pregnancy {for the last twenty-three weeks i’ve battled hyperemis gravidarum–severe nausea every two hours, without any reprieve;} the “hellos“, kicks, and disco-dancing taking place in my belly are more than worth how sick i feel.

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our beasts are already natural babysitters.

it’s amazing how they can sense these things; rarely do they leave my side.

priscilla, especially, likes to get her snuggle on with my bump.

we spend most of our time here, in bed, trying to keep fluids and saltines down.

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 nursery rhymes + lullabies are rehearsed, we’ve been practicing our “inside voices” and not barking in the house {myself included.}

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i’ve had to cut back on my work schedule a bit, but i hope to keep teaching as long as i can.

exercise has actually been the only thing to quell the nausea.

and trust me i have tried every, stinking, in some cases stupid remedy:

ginger, salt, carbs, protein, seabands, coconut water, acupuncture, prayer, IV fluids and intravenous medications, crying, bitching, meditating and begging—all to no avail.

i’ve lost one tooth and all self-respect.

but the time left is so short, and i cannot wait to meet my precious, baby girl.

so that’s my news on a monday!

oh…and the winner of the box of santa barbara bars is:

celena fahey!!

congratulations celena; i will be in touch to get your address.

  • Well, this is quite possibly the sweetest Monday morning news I’ve heard! A huge congratulations to you and your family!!! Those photos are gorgeous! I’m wishing you health and happiness (and hopefully a break from the horrible nausea). And yay! It’s a girl!!!! XO

    • oh krisitn!! so nice to hear from you…thank you SO much..yes we’re so happy…my husband can’t contain himself, he’s so excited we’re having a girl…love to you.

  • Katie yay! Congrats!
    One word – Zofran! It saved me!
    I was a barf-o-matic machiene!

    • thank you so much hillary…yes i know zofran very well—i’ve had it in the pill form, an IV of zofran, and wore a “pump” {like an insulin-type pump} that injected zofran into my stomach continuously—-none of it made one tiny little dent. my doctor says to expect to be sick until the day i deliver…i’m one of those “lucky” 1 percent cases…

  • I am so happy for you – you are all ready the best mom ever!!! So many blessings for you and your husband…. I feel like she will love music, poetry and crafts… she is going to be a fun child… Many Blessings to you!

    • thank you joanie!!! i hope she’s everything you say…miss your face love.

  • Wwen i saw your little announcement on instagram around 20 weeks, i swear to you my smile didn’t leave my face all day. i STILL think of this news any time i need a pick-me-up. this little girl is the luckiest.

    • oh you are the sweetest…what a nice thing to say…i’m going to think about your sweet comment when “I” need the pick me you ari.

  • Oh man, I know I said it before, but I have to say it again. I’m so happy for you! What a precious, loving family your little one will be joining! Though, phew, I hope that nausea goes away. That sounds exhausting!

  • Tamara Wiper

    Congratulations, Mama! I am so happy and excited for you 🙂

  • You lost a tooth???!!!!! OMG. Did the tooth fairy come?

    • i didn’t tell you about my tooth? yes. one has cracked and then last week i lost another one. lovely, huh? i’m a walking/talking case against bulimia.

  • Deanna Haviland


    I heard you were preggers and and so happy for you! All of the memories of illness will wash away when you are finally holding your beautiful daughter. Wishing you the best of everything in the coming months…… xoxoxo

    • hi deanna,
      great to hear from you—thank you so much…yes, i know this is such a small time of my life that will be so outweighed when she gets here.
      love to you.

  • Annette Marie

    I’m so exciting and happy for you and your husband! You are gonna be a spectacular mommy. (Eat raw ginger) congratulations pretty woman.

    • thanks annette—yes, tried the raw ginger–ginger in every form actually—it doesn’t help unfortunately. but luckily i don’t have too much longer.
      love to you.

  • Oh you look fabulous, fabulous!!! Congratulations to you all!

  • What a WONDERFUL mother you will be to this lucky, lucky little girl. Katie, this is the most incredibly joyous news I could ever imagine hearing on a pitter-patter rainy sort of a day! Blessings of Happy Motherhood heading your way!

  • chris miller

    I am so happy to see you smiling and happy with that precious baby girl safely growing inside you. Keep her safe and healthy, to you too. Exercise will always be here, enjoy the process and can’t wait to see you holding your precious princess. Ciao Chris miller

    • chris!! thank you so much for this….i am LOVING the photos of baby miller!! he’s growing so fast!! such a cutie…your support means so much; i always look forward to seeing you at grit…much love.

  • Jessie Koehler

    Congrats Katie!!! I’m so happy for you!

    • jessie!!! thank you love!! can’t believe i’m actually going to be a mom—don’t be surprised if you hear from me asking for advice…love to you friend.

  • Katie- love and light. That is so beautiful and you will be the best mom. It has totally changed me. Enjoy!

    • aw…so sweet..thank you alexis…we miss you in california…come and see us….

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