image from kara miller

if you’ve met me in real life, you know i’m never without a hat. true to my half-japanese, geisha core: i avoid the sun like i dodge the deadly gazpacho police.

i’ve gathered up of my favorite bonnets that will not only protect you from the sun, but won’t chernobyl your outfit-of-the-day.

praise baby {gorgeous} jesus for the resurgence in trends. this bucket hat {and another in khaki} has been in my possession longer than my c-section scar. ten years ago people thought i was off to fly-fish, now they think i’m going to a festival…but only to drop my daughter off. these bucket hats are cheap, they’re soft, and you can wash them as often as you like. i have one in my bag and one in the car so i can pop it on if i’m going to be out in the sun. i had a melanoma scare once and my derm told me all the itty bits of sun exposure add up, even that walk to and from trader joe’s to your car. i am always covered.

for those of you still battling winter this eric javits has me pining for foggy mornings of earl grey tea and seasonal depression. it’s foldable, waterproof and anything in a checked print instantly gives you 20 more IQ points. also, she’s on sale!


my favorite hats of late are sarah bray bermuda hats. made from seagrass and palm leaf, then adorned with a ravishing ribbon, sarah bray bermuda hats will block the sun and make you feel like you’re the type person who uses “summer” as a verb. all of sarah’s products are made from recycled and biodegradable products. sarah only employs local artisans from her native state of texas and current home of bermuda. my favorite is the daisy sun hat, with a whopping 7″ brim.


sarah bray bermuda even has hats for children. although i’d have to use a staple gun to keep one on sutton. let me know any tricks for keeping your hats on your baby birds.

for 1/3 of the cost of the sarah bray bermuda hats i’ve purchased this amazon hat and i tie my own scarves and bandanas around the base. these hats are extremely crushable and the adjustable string works well to fit your head.

now at a certain point, we all just get to a stage when trying to “look cute” has left the stadium along with our virginity and desire to understand nfts; it’s now just about going to the beach, wearing your hair in a bun, keeping the sun off your face and chest, and the glare off your kindle. this is your hat! it’s comfortable, you can adjust your fit, it rolls up in your bag or suitcase and doesn’t get wrinkled, it also doesn’t get hot. this visor/hat probably isn’t going to “curate” well in your instagram grid, but your face won’t end up looking like beef jerky.

what about you? what are your favorite hats for keeping the the sun away?

bucket hat
Eric Javits hat
Sarah Bray Bermuda
bucket hat
packable raffia hat
roll-up straw sun hat visor