summer fragrance

we had quite the heatwave this weekend whereby screen doors and ceiling fans provided zero relief. {although my whining and incessant complaining gave me a tiny reprieve… my family would disagree.}


in desperate times like these, aka santa barbara climaxing to a: it’s-too-hot-for-soccer, 86 degrees, my husband likes to break out the portable air conditioners and mosquito repellant. he paces the property, muttering profanities not so silently under his breath, looking for cool-down remedies and shade hideouts for him and the beasts. i, too, like a good survivalist, take out MY warm-weather necessities: a proper summer fragrance.

if fragrance

after all of these years, i still pledge allegiance to the white-flower-based fragrance of apothia’s IF. IF evokes mai-tai’d maui nights where it’s too hot to rinse the day’s sand off. i’ve worn the rollerball oil version of this for over a decade and i still get compliments. i’m often asked if i’m wearing the popular child or kai? i don’t think it’s as sweet as either of those and that’s why i prefer it.

summer hours

a new fragrance to me is from summer hours. less than a year old, summer hours has created four non-toxic fragrances with the help of esteemed artisan perfumer, sarah horowitz. each scent is distinctly summer and unmistakenly unique:

80 ‘: Orange, coconut, orange blossom, neroli, and jasmine. The perfect day at the beach.

LE WEEK END: Cut grass, honeysuckle, peony, linden blossom, and verdant woods. The pursuit of happiness.

ROMANESQUE: Fresh fig, bergamot, lemon, rose, and Mediterranean pine. The timeless allure.

NEW WAVE: Lemon, sea salt, neroli, jasmine, and white musk. The captivating sea.

i purchased the sample set which will last me all summer long. my favorite scent, by far, is romanesque. it’s a grown-up girl perfume for sure, but there’s nothing unisex or “hey, i’m here for the yoga retreat” about it. rather it screams, “let’s have our limoncello on the loggia and see if we can spot george and amal docking the boat for supper.”

sometimes bergamot can give a fragrance a hippie smell, but not romanesque. i’m a big fan of this new, clean, leaping bunny-certified brand.

i snagged this last fragrance here at montecito mercantile, my favorite local store for gifts and fun finds. sadly they’re not carrying the brand anymore, but you can buy it from the manufacturer. described as “the end of a sunny day spent on the sand and the beginning of a lazy night in the same place,” sable d’ambre, to me, is the solution for women who like a tom ford fragrance, but don’t want to smell like everyone else.

there is nothing subtle, sweet, or coy about this perfume. it’s sexy, strong, and has zero time for small talk. if this fragrance were a kardashian, it would be beyonce’.

i only wear this perfume if i know there will be gin + tonics and incandescent lighting in my future.


so i showed you mine…do you have any warm weather fragrances you like to unearth as the temperatures start to rise?

monday happy to you kittens.



if fragrance
summer hours
sable d'ambre