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September 9, 2013

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i’ve missed you.

i am back from my vacation, and cannon-balling smack into the middle of this deep end, called life.

this weekend i worked with a fantastic crew as i shot videos and ads for

vitagoods is a company who supports healthy living; they have a wide range of uber-cool and useful products to promote and support a healthful lifestyle.

they’re NOT paying me write or say this…but i did love all of their products….that hasn’t always been the case…hello fox searchlight.

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keeping camera ready for nine straight hours took its toll.

thank you urban decay.

my naked palette2 and naked skin liquid high-definition makeup proved itself under the hot lights and HDR {aka extremely ruthless} photography. i guarantee you it was a man who invented this unforgiving digital form of photography.

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i’m a major sucker for a teleprompter. this baby was kourtney to my lamar.

we all could use a little teleprompting in our lives….nothing like a pre-edit to keep you out of sticky situations…#byebyeTMI

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kraft services gone fancy!

this espresso machine and i formed a deep, lasting, carnal bond.

i want the sound of ground beans as my new white noise setting on my bedside clock.

the whir and crunch works like a temple massage to my tension headaches.

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here i am getting caught taking one of my hundreds of espresso breaks.

a long day made manageable and fun courtesy of caffeine and lovely people.

thank you vitagoods for a great shoot.

monday happy to you m’loves.

breathe out

November 20, 2012

sunday morning prior to the rooster’s cock-a-doodle, the hunkiest and i were riding shotgun down the 101 highway for our annual thanksgiving trek up north.

my favorite vacation ever, a tradition that goes back to my years in the single digits, our thanksgiving trip to pebble beach is like no other experience for me.

one part nostalgia: my safest, happiest, hands up in the air, twirling without a care in the world, usually with my dad filming, childhood memories all seem to swerve back to “pebble”.

two parts visual magnificence: asia, europe, the tropical paradises of the world, none of them hold a candle, in my opinion to the beauty of this grand coast line. my keg of god replenished on these visits; even on the years when i’m indifferent on the whole existence of that grander good.

even the seven hour drive is a treat. the roads were hudson river school inspired. a mixture of stormy grey thunder clouds, doused with wicked cerulean skies, and an indecisive, coy sun that, at times, made the hills come alive with hues of lime and green apple.

the holiday season officially commenced with my first grande bold of the year in a big, red cup!

with coffee in hand, we jingle bell’d our way down the highway.

our tenor and soprano sang back up on the fa-la-lahs, and did a brutal “away in the manger.”

during the concert intermission we supplemented the silence with more coffee and books on c.d. 

ken follet’s fall of the giants is a highly entertaining, historical fiction novel spanning early 20th century europe and north america as the world’s super powers come to battle in the first world war. 

while not the most cerebral of novels, camus it’s not, it’s the perfect book to listen to on a drive. i’m digging the elements from high school history that i forgot, and the fun, soap opera-like bits of intrigue and romance hook you in, both men and women. 

due to the caffeine stops, canine breaks, and overall dawdling attitude of our drive there was no record time made. but we did make it to property before our daily sunset walk.

let the exhalation begin. 

taking the plunge

June 7, 2012

are you currently gazing into crystalline waters of new experience and chance?

do you long to frolic with un-met dolphins, splash in warmer, deeper, maybe even more torrential, grandiose seas?

are your toes perched atop a spring-board able to bound you up and out into the clouds?

two and half years ago i took a big plunge. i returned to my beloved acting. that burn in my belly every time i saw a julianne moore performance or watched inside the actor’s studio was becoming more of a brush fire, and i knew if i didn’t make one final crack, the flame would never cease.

i am satisfied with my apple bite back into the bid’ness. i booked enough work to not feel like a has been, and i had some hilarious fact’s of life-like moments during the audition process. but the drive up to l.a. every day for mostly print work, was becoming a hassle, and missing my classes was taking its toll.

 i, now, crave anew, the electricity of an endeavor.

it doesn’t have to be career oriented either, maybe a new hobby or homestead project.

but i’m ready to dive deep.

tell me m’loves, are taking any new plunges? thinking about them?

you know how i just LOVE hearing from you.

thursday happy to you.

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