in the words of celine dion……

October 1, 2012

 i kid you not, this will be the 3rd time i write: in the words of celine dion, and with zero shame i might add.

it began on friday afternoon when i was penning an email to my sweet angel, john p., quoting ms. dion’s {dee-OHN’s} “new day has come,” a melodic sparkler of a song which can never contain my outstretched arms and dancing feet.

ok, ok, ok…..and my glass-breaking attempt at a vibratoless soprano. no need for bark collars around here, i just sing celine when i need my beasts to stop barking. it’s as effective as giving a crying baby ambien: like. a. charm. 

bring on your judging. i’ve only just begun. i love me some celine dion. she even has her own category on this blog; has for over two years. most of my current spin students haven’t seen me work 6 gear changes to the top until they have climbed with me to celine’s bouncy, life affirming, heart-pumping, body-changing, put that cupcake down and zip those skinny jeans up, i’m alive

talk about, can i get an “amen?!” 

oh you hush now, you quebucan chanteuse with your ever-shrinking lips & hips, and your five octave vocal range, i’ll see your new day and raise you a new week and a brand spanking new month.

take that and stick it in your kids size 6x leather pants. 

a new month indeed, and i am refocused, bubbling with energy {mostly of the caffeinated ilk}, and it’s all coming back to me now {seriously watched that video maybe 10,000 times in high school, and only now seeing the maybe slight, i said slight!, over-emoting on ms. dion’s part-i blame the director.}

it is, indeed, all coming back to me: my priorities.

i am sick of the sad, bored with the crazy, and unimpressed with the negative.

i’ll tell you what i am though: i am silly drunk on my family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and fellow compatriots who continue to choose the path of kindness, truth and peace. we hopscotch along this inane mountain pass called life with all of its hidden trap doors, water slides, and ziplines that give us exquisite scenery, moments of treachery, and also bits of time so surreal and beautiful we lose our breath. 

i wouldn’t change one single twist or turn; even the ones made in error. how else would i have learned when i was wrong or how to say i am so sorry? for me, that feeling of a lesson learned, a pint of some seltzery humility is better tasting than any accolade, raise in pay, or slap on the back. i know these teachings grow me more robust and more compassionate with each tutelage. 

so monday happy to you m’loves! although i’m sure with this celine dion reveal i just lost half of my readers. 

tell me darlings, in your deepest, most private, non-facebook status place, what’s your favorite celine dion song? there’s got to be one.

and in case you didn’t “click” the links….i’ve left the videos below for viewing and listening pleasure….such a giver. 

p.s. my spellcheck doesn’t even bother to ask me about the word “ambien” anymore. rad.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image


January 29, 2010

deadlines. classes. clients.

zero sleep.

a sick hh.

real life.

calgon cupcake take me away!!!!!!

for now i’ll just be here. in this tree.


i can’t see them. then, they can’t see me.

happy weekend.


December 29, 2009

lately i need earplugs for night’s silence; its mute heartbeat CLANGS in my ears keeping me from pastel dreamland.

parched eyeballs dry heave, weary from tv screens, books, magazines, and computers…..they are my new ineffectual sleeping aids.

i have taken the ambien path. an effective path. a path that garners at least 8 uninterrupted hours of quality slumber. a path paved with soothing, snug, seductive sheets; pillows that caress and cosset; bewitching and benevolent blankets doting away my sorrows, past and present. a path also paved with sparrows and rabbits (cartoon form) magically appearing to frolic and lullaby me to sleep. further down this loopy lane i’ll find myself plucking sweet peas and tulips from my nightgown with which i’ll then fashion into the most beautiful bouquet. but not before i’ll have a final 48 minutes of total and complete amnesia.

yes, i wake up refreshed. i also wake up to ninety-eight new facebook friends, a missing jar of costco size peanut butter, and a one broken heel on my favorite kate spade pumps.


so, i’m off the ambien route, and back to valerian, warm tea (yes the herbal kind!!!), and counting golden retrievers.

resolution #1: find (non-amy winehouse) sleep remedy

happy wednesday loves.

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