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it’s friday i’m in love…

August 15, 2014


friday happy to you m’loves!

it’s smiles and snuggles all around here these days.

why does priscilla think she’s a canine-blanket?

she’s thanking me for finding newport tails, a dog-walking, dog-obedience, & daycare service located in newport beach.

twice a week priscilla and jones are taken out with their neighborhood friends, and for two hours they play, swim, and get the exercise i’m unable to give them, lest it’s on a spin bike.

we LOVE newport tails!

here are few other things i’m loving:


this summer i have read more books than i did during ms. mooney’s dreaded AP english course.

some have been great; some just provided a pretty accessory for my nightstand.

i still have a full shelf i’m trying to tackle before the leaves change and pumpkin spiced lattés return.

but i’m already looking forward to fall; this list of incredible books coming out has me rethinking my workload next season; wishing to swap a paycheck for historical fiction.


speaking of fall, have you seen the new lookbook for joseph altuzarra for target?

it all goes on sale on september 14th.

i don’t think there’s an item i DON’T want.

i’m not one for sleeping on sidewalks the night before a movie opens, or camping out for concert tickets, but i might pluck down a lawn chair for tuxedo jackets and wrap dresses.


if given the choice of sandwiches, the peanut butter and jelly will always win queen of my homecoming court.

supply me with a plate with this salty/sweet combo bite, and i’m 8 years old again, back on coral tree circle, gobbling down back t0 back episodes of different strokes and facts of life.

when i’m having a rotten day i definitely can cheer myself up with a peanut butter & jelly sandwich….or two.

apparently we have sandwich stereotypes.

what’s your favorite, all-time sandwich?

check out what your favorite says about you.


so are you guys on stellar?

please tell me you are.

i am obsessed with steller; an app that takes instagram and storytelling to the next level.

i definitely have the blind barber on my brooklyn to-visit list, and outside lands 2014 looks like it was a show not to be missed.

i have signed up; don’t judge me by my first story; it’s a learning process for sure.

{you can judge me by how many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches i can consume in one sitting; paging OA.}


yesterday i snagged this beach bag from soludos.

i’ll be using it as my carry-on for my upcoming week in the south.

it holds everything and is machine-washable; a plus for me…… i freak out about all the germs that get on bags, etc when i travel.


so yes tomorrow hunkiest and i take our summer vacation.

remember this post on lake life?

we’re sorta, kinda re-creating this; maybe even add a road-trip along the way.

the theme for our trip is “screened porches and sweet tea.”

wishing you a restful weekend of slow-jams, afternoon naps, and make out sessions at midnight.

decisions, decisions….

September 28, 2009

Next weekend I’m hijacking my girlfriend’s bacherlorette weekend with her sister-in-law to Jackson Hole. Now, I’ve never been one to wear mis-matched socks, but my friend Amanda oozes style. She rocks an Hermes cuff with her snap-legged yoga pants like nobody’s business. When we hang she’s Blair Warner to my Natalie Green. Except Nat and Blair are allowed to consume copious amounts of champagne in these episodes.

Although I  don’t leave for another 4 days, I’m usually pretty much packed by now with a complete list of hour by hour (sleeping and waking) wardrobe changes (yes i see a shrink, and yes she’s on speed dial.) I’m using the following to inspire me:

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

China Vogue Oct 2009, Tom Munro

But who am i kidding??!? I don’t know how to fish!?!  Amanda in nature?!??! Fishing poles in our hands??!! It’d be like two monkeys fucking a football (thanks mom for that gem.) No, no, no…….I’m thinking shiatsu, bloody mary’s for breakfast, coffee by the fire, traipsing the village square with mugs of hot chocolate, and gourmet meals ruined by our uproarious laughter at the next table.

Mr Lauren’s 2009 fall line had some plucky duds I could see myself stomping around town making merriment:


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