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July 21, 2014

puppy (1 of 1)

a monday happy to you m’loves.

despite my damnedest to choke back the reins on a runaway, speeding summer, summer still barrels ahead at a breakneck pace.

this weekend was no exception.

my self-esteem got off to a proper, humiliating start on friday afternoon courtesy of the blow dry bar, where i had hoped to get an upper hand on my hair for my saturday photo shoot with samantha jacoby–which as the day neared i was 1000% regretting knowing i was nowhere near the level of subject she typically shoots.

going through the obligatory script, the hair stylist asked me if i had any “big plans” for the weekend. i replied that i had a photo shoot on saturday, and thus was getting my hair done for it; whereby she stopped my shitty head massage, peered down at my figure and face with autopsy focus, and said {I. SWEAR. TO. GOD.}:

“oh. so you’re a photographer?”

i laughed so hard i concussed my head on the shampoo bowl.

serves me right for being such a lazy bitch, and not washing my own hair.

ego decimation aside, samantha was a blast.

i don’t care if i end up looking like an old cow in the photos, i made a new girlfriend which is the bigger win.


with my self-regard in the toilet, compliments of a round-brush wielding witch, the only way to clinically feel better about myself was to get immediate access to sugar and butter.

cuttingboard (1 of 1)

although the plan was try this nectarine concoction; i got all fraidy cat and instead went with an old standby i’ve been making since college that has never disappointed me; kind of like cashmere, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and amy adams, this plum cobbler does not let me down.

plums (1 of 1)

 truly a summer dessert, my red plum crunch relies on the sourness of summer {red} plums to give it a very tart contrast to the sweet of a traditional cobbler.

cassis (1 of 1)

i’m pretty sure this is the same bottle of créme de cassis i used in college.

you cannot taste the alcohol; i hate desserts that taste like liquor.

i don’t even like my cocktails and wine to taste like booze.

the créme de cassis gives the dish a rich, almost smokiness that plays so well with vanilla ice cream.

oatmeal (1 of 1)

if you ask me though the “crumble” is really the upshot of the recipe.

brown sugar: good.

butter: good

oatmeal & cinnamon: good

i double the recipe for the topping.

scarf (1 of 1)

and even with the double there may or may not have been an extra bowl of crumble made for the emotionally borderline,  “photographer” and her need to binge it out.

plumcob (1 of 1)

the finished product….made prettier with flowers and china.

priscilla (1 of 1)

i have a feeling that “look” back there is how pillow-mageddon began last week.

bowl (1 of 1)

although delicious on its own, the red plum crunch becomes a bowl-scraper with vanilla talenti gelato.


my 20 year old recipe still holds up to the emotional eater test.

i devoured my bowl in olympic record time.

tummy love to you my darlings.

and just like clock-work…..

October 8, 2013


and just like clock work i have my first, full-blown, fall head-cold.


i can’t remember an october where i wasn’t mainlining nyquil and keeping the kleenex executives’ kids in ivy leagues.


 my sick is an autumnal rite of passage; just as seasonal as a pumpkin patch or pear cobbler.


although with temperatures in the 90’s this past week i’ve opted for a more chilled version of my usual, favorite: the pumpkin spice latté.


and it’s no wives’ tale ….ever since i started to have an occasional glass of wine or two again, i’ve noticed a gargantuan difference in how my body looks and feels.

i blame booze for my illin’.

i definitely prefer my sobriety to my chub rub; for me there IS no either or….


so i’m back on my sparkling mineral water. gerolsteiner is my favorite. it has one of the highest mineral contents of all of the waters on the market.

trader joes sells gerolsteiner for the lowest price.

the bubble buzz is better than any tequila sunrise high because i don’t have the headache, stomach ache, and stupid mouth that i always get from cocktails and the like.

healthy, happy tuesday to you m’loves.

Fairy Princess Flu

October 30, 2009


Well I’m still F*cking sick!!!!! I know it’s not of the piggy persuasion, but it’s a flu nonetheless.  I STILL feel just as lousy as if I were to have the oinker flu!!!! Why do those porkers get all the attention? My fever’s just as high?! My body aches are just as debilitating!? Stupid, narcissistic hogs!

I’ve decided that, like swine,  my virus should get a catchy name and special distinguishing characteristics: The Fairy Princess Flu. Similar to H1N1, except not transmitted within pigpens, it’s symptoms are sleepiness, not liking anything in one’s closet, not really wanting to go to work, wanting to catch up on Mad Men episodes, and cupcake cravings. Sometimes there are chills, but that’s usually alleviated with a cashmere cardigan. Forget Tamiflu, it’s imperative to keep champagne on hand during FP Flu Season. Fellow fairy princess, Amanda, filled my Veuve Clicquot prescription, and left the elixir right on my doorstep yesterday afternoon so I didn’t even need to go to the pharmacy/liquor store.

Wishing all you fairy princess’ and prince’s a Happy and Healthy Halloween. Love, Katie

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