grilled cheese thursday

let me break it down

December 20, 2011




 root canal.


i’ll be back tomorrow m’loves, hopefully in a better mood.

grilled cheese thursday

July 21, 2011




*let me be clear: i don’t know much about miss wendi, and i really don’t want to know. she’s NONE of my business. and i don’t trust anything i read anymore; which is exactly {and rightly so} why her husband is under investigation. what i do trust is my naked i. and her flying across the room to protect her family {whether i think he’s good or bad} is awesome in my book.

joy is

July 7, 2011

a grilled cheese sandwich.

hide nap and seek.

finally scratching that itchy lust to wander.


YouTube Preview Image

this song over, and over, and over, and over again. and again.

dreamier live version with johnny depp here {oh! my! god!}

first bites.

laundry fresh.

dates with deliverance.

what’s making you happy m’loves?

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