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June 5, 2014


summeri’m not a big one for accessories….less is not more for this lazy girl, it’s practically too much.

i have major bare feet phobias that keep my soles covered all year around even come summertime when the rest of the world is nakedly two-stepping around town and beach; i can’t walk one step in the house without a shod food.

so for me, the shoe IS my accessory; my jewelry, scarf, trinket, etc.

i try to keep a very pared down repertoire for summer; mostly sandals which need not have a buckle, snap or require assistance for walking….i don’t have the patience, grace, or positive attitude to mess with such fanciness.

here are my favorite’s for the season:


 so far 2014 has been the year of the VANS for my feet; for the last six months i’ve been wearing these checkerboard’s with everything from cocktail dresses to spin gear; they transition to any occasion and time of day.

last week i made the switch to these classic slip-ons in white. well, they were white…now they’re coffee spotted.

but one round in the wash and they come out good as new.

they’re the sharp, crisp, summer’ness my clothes needed.


i’ve been eyeing the italian sapper from emerson fry for a bit now.

these slides go with everything, and again they can be dressed up or down; nothing is tackier in the summer than too high or pointy of a heel, even at weddings. i love the simple, clean, non-look-at-me message of these sandals.

can we get a moratorium on statement shoes?

let’s include statement necklaces, bags, wrists….etc…how about just stating how you feel with your actions and words, rather than your necklace—that we all know you’re really just wearing so you can take a selfie of your cleavage for instagram?

oooh? catty-much katie?


 every summer i buy a new pair of white thongs. it takes exactly 3 months to turn them from shiny, beautiful white to grimy grey.

there’s something about a white pair of flip-flops that make feet, even the un-polished ones like mine, look fresh and neat.

these havianas..or mossimos are my favorite since j.crew stopped selling them in white…

{C’MON j.crew!!!!?}


this last one needs your vote….what is the final rendering on the return of the birkenstock?

i’m on the fence….i refused to wear them in high school, but now i’m having second thoughts on their cuteness….or maybe my feet just REALLY hurt from wearing stupid, painful shoes in high school.

but these white, biblical babies from zara have got me re-thinking my original aversion.


ugh..and remember my black slides from zara?

yep, you guessed it…not two days after that post my own, little winona ryder worked her magic on one of my sandals; now they make this god-awful creaky noise when i walk. a sweet man at the bank thought it was my back and told me i should “go sit down dear.”—-thanks priscilla 🙁

what shoes are your rocking this summer m’loves?

friday i’m in love…..

March 7, 2014

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friday buttercream frosting on your toes, fingers, and in my case, hair, to you m’loves!

how has mademoiselle march been treating you so far?

are you ready for warmer days?

the kind that calls for knees exposed, shoulders bared, and the ice-cube requisite cocktail?

me too.

well maybe not exposed knees….my knees haven’t seen the light of day since 6th grade.

here are a few sweetmeats i’ve fallen in love with this week:

afterlight (1)

i don’t pop molly, i rock j.crew…..

spring the j.crew catalog finally arrived.

i’ve been neck-deep in pages of hot pink and polka-dot, my heels clicking like the tail of a tennis-ball chasing puppy.

selections have been made in case hunkiest asks…

i’m definitely going steady with this sweater, come may 5th….{birthday candles optional.}

and this entire look needs to happen for a date night.


about a year ago my body, primarily my mannerly mane of hair, my non-perspiring constitution, and my somewhat predictable taste in food, turned on me and revolted—ukraine style.

i don’t talk/write about this hurtful coup d’etat because i don’t, nor does my doctor understand it….and it’s just too depressing to dwell on…

{the obviously theory is hormones, thyroid, etc..but all the tests have come back fine/inconclusive…}

but the point of this, rather long, {let’s admit–yawn-inducing} back story has to do with my new find.

for most of my life i have detested chocolate…loathed it; likened it to cruella deville and beets.

yet as of a year ago, chocolate has become a new, daily obsession; i crave it like a dalmatian craves its spots. i must have it, or i will skin said puppies, spots or no spots.

afterlight (1)

enter tonic scene raw organic bars.

made from organic raw cacao mass, organic raw agave nectar, and organic raw cacao butter, just one piece of these bitter chocolate lovelies is the perfect antidote to my angry, 4pm hankering for dark goodness, and luckily no canines have to suffer.


ok. officially on the lupita bandwagon.

love her.

loved her acceptance speech.

and loved even more her other speech on beauty that left the room speechless.

loved her dress.

i loved his speech about her.

she is divine.

lupitaapparently i’m not the only one with the lupita crush.

YouTube Preview Image

iggy azalea’s “fancy” is this week’s jam….i’m loving the video based on the clueless movie…

have you taken the buzzfeed quiz, “which clueless character are you?“—{i got christian}–swoon.

and speaking of JAMS—if ANYONE can find me a radio edit of major lazer’s/pharrel’s “aerosal can”{warning: explicit!!}…i’ll be your best friend…

so that’s just a little of what i’m loving on this week…

oh..and of course…i’m loving on YOU for coming by to see ME, HERE at my blog party!!

come by again next week?

till then, see you on the other side of sunday m’loves…

falling into fall fashion……

October 15, 2013


my style is of a preppy, new england co-ed, live and die for the corduroy and tweed sandwich-ilk.

there’s something about fall though that ups the ante on my argyle addiction and sweater vest ways.

elbow patched sweaters with penny loafers are as obligatory as the new scandal season and homemade chili on sunday nights.

 do you have any fall fashionable favorites putting the whipped cream on your pumpkin spice lattés?

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